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benefits disadvantage
  • Innovative Games
  • High entertainment value
  • Fancy titles
  • Awards of different institutions
  • Not long in the market
  • Online availability still expandable

All about the developer Yggdrasil

Among the providers, the company Yggdrasil can be viewed online as a kind of paradise bird. Because the developer of games for the countless online India casinos goes to many places other ways. Because of its innovative ideas, the provider mixes the industry powerful. This is quite considerable, because the manufacturer has actually been on the market only for a short time. Nevertheless, he has reached within a very short time, for which other companies need many years. Especially the Yggdrasil slot machines have been awarded several times. But not only these were rewarded with awards, because with a provider, it's not just going to play. Top Innovator 2018 is one of the many awards.

However, the software developer is not satisfied with the purposeful company in the sense of a distinguished company. With high pressure, the developer always works on new games that can not only be played for real money, but also available free of charge. All these factors make Yggdrasil one of the best current providers on the Internet, which is not only appreciated by customers from India. The fact that all titles are available in Indian is another crucial point that contributes to popularity with the Indian clientele.

The specifics of Yggdrasil

The most important thing summarized
  • The provider has been on the market since 2013
  • A wide variety of game genres are served
  • You can do the Yggdrasil games for free
  • The company has received countless awards, among other things as a top provider
  • Each slot machine can be played in instant play without registration

The company is committed to bringing only the best slot machine games to casino players around the world. The provider also works on several fronts at the same time. For example in the service for customers. Already shortly after the company was founded in 2013 Yggdrasil Get the first award software Rising Star 2015. The majority of its energy is the manufacturer in the development of unusual slot machines. But other games are also developed in the premises of the producer who also find themselves in almost every Yggdrasil Online India Casino.

That's why Yggdrasil games online are so popular

A casino game developer can best be measured by how popular their products are. Yggdrasil quickly impressed the players in the internet gambling halls with his unusual productions. In addition to the numerous classic casino games, to which the provider has given its very special touch, the top slot machine games are particularly popular. But why are these games so popular?

The company uses how many other providers, on a top quality. Because only the best is just good enough. But that alone does not make the difference yet. The secret is, among other things, in the games that treat unusual topics. For example, games like "Nitro Circus", where a true fireworks are waiting for entertainment on the players. But that too, Yggdrasil play online is possible for free, represents an additional .

Facts of Yggdrasil Games:

  • Exceptional game topics
  • Classic casino games with your own note
  • Best quality and top graphics
  • High quality sound
  • Innovative functions

Peculiarities of the games

We have already explained that the manufacturer's games of the manufacturer are characterized by innovative gameplay. But what makes the games in detail so special? For example, the option to test all games for free is one of the points. But not only the free games arrive well with the customers. Even if you risk real money in Yggdrasil Online India Casino, you can spend many pleasurable hours. Especially the additional features, especially with the slots, contribute to the growing fan base of the games.

For example, there are above average many free spins in the Yggdrasil Casino Games. There are still a wide variety of bonus games, but also the stunning graphics are fascinated again and again. It is best to convince yourself in one of the Yggdrasil casinos of what the different games of the provider have to offer.

Summary to the games:

  • Numerous bonus features
  • Lots of free spins possible
  • Every game also playable for free

Table games

In addition to the top slots, Yggdrasil has also taken table games in his program. As with the slot machines, the provider also relies on an excellent graphics and a liquid process in the classic titles. The range of games away from the slots is still under construction.

  • Roulette. Of course, the time-honored roulette game may not be missing with this young developer. This is not surprising as it counts with the most played games both in real and online India casinos. The winning opportunities are relatively high here, which is why all types of game types are quite in good hands.
  • Blackjack. The provider has integrated this card game right late with its playboth. One reason for this is that Yggdrasil wanted to give the game his very own note. The result can not only be seen graphically.
  • Rubbellose. May it be a small game in between? With the scrapbles, the provider allows its customers to bring a little change into play. Good if some money can be won. Rubbellosis are among the instant winning games that are suitable for players of every type.

Other games:

  • Keno
  • Jackpot games
  • Lotterie games
  • Different video machines


Slot machines are also part of the core business at Yggdrasil. Here the provider puts a lot of energy into development so that only top quality comes onto the market. The fan base is growing steadily and there are more and more Yggdrasil online India casinos that are convinced of the quality of the games. In the list below we have listed the producer's currently most popular slots.

Slot theme RTP Roll Lines
Nitro Circus Action/Stunts 97% 5 25
Dark Vortex Action/Fantasy 96,5% 5 243
Baron Saturday Voodoo / magic 97% 5 25

Yggdrasil slots can be played here

In the network, there are not so many Yggdrasil casinos yet, as you might want. Nevertheless, there are some playcloses offering, among other things, the titles of this developer. The following list can be found in which online playshots you can discover the manufacturer's productions.

Bonus offers

No deposit bonus, free spins or actions with bonus code, these are the offers that online India casinos make their clients to help them play a little under their arms while playing. Each customer has different demands that applies to fulfill. In the Yggdrasil casinos there are a variety of bonuses so that each player finds exactly what he is looking for. Which actions there are currently there, our table explains.

Bonusart description Deposit Bonus Code
Bonus without deposit Here, especially for new customers, there are extra money without having to make a deposit. Observe sales conditions! Not mandatory You nach Casino
Free spells There are a limited number of free spins available on selected slot machines. Available for every customer. You nach Casino Mostly not required
Free games and extra credit There are free spins and extra credit in a bonus. Available for every customer. Yes. Note minimum for deposits! You nach Casino

Tips and tricks for Yggdrasil games

In order to have a good chance of winning at the games of this provider, you usually don't need any tricks. Since the provider offers quite high payout percentages for its games, unfair means are neither appropriate nor legal. Nevertheless, we give a few at this point Helpful slot machines tipswith whom you play a little further at the Yggdrasil.

Helpful tips for gaming:

  • Best first test games in game money mode
  • Never make the maximum bet
  • Always keep an eye on the course of the game, especially with table games
  • Slots are the best choice for optimal winning opportunities and for the fulfillment of bonus conditions

Play Yggdrasil slot machines mobile

Since the provider likes to go new ways in his industry, it should not be surprising that the games can not only be used via the PC browser. Of course, Yggdrasil offers its titles for mobile gaming. Customers have chosen whether they play over the supplied browser of the mobile device or prefer to use the app. No matter for which variant one decides here, the games are optimally represented in both variants.

Mobile gaming fun is possible on these operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Also suitable for Macs

The YGGDrasil title to play real money

The manufacturer's games are exciting as well as varied and innovative. In addition to the great graphics, the games can also convince with unusual themes. This is just one of the reasons why the Yggdrasil Games are so popular with customers. Another important factor, of course, is the ability to make decent cash profits. The provider has made some games with high jackpots available to its players to try their luck at. In addition to the good jackpot winnings, there are of course also high payout rates. At this point we reveal which games are particularly worthwhile to play for real money.

Top games for real money Gaming 2019:

  • Baron Saturday
  • Trolls Bridge
  • Nitro Circus

Another tip: If you want to make a deposit and a withdrawal quickly and safely, you should choose the PayPal option if available.

Play Yggdrasil Games for free without registration

In order to access the games for free, you do not necessarily have to register in one of the online game libraries. Because the provider relies heavily on a good customer relationship. That is why he offers his games to play for free. Registration is not even required here. In order to be able to play slots in the online India casino Yggdrasil, one only has to visit one of the many Internet gambling halls that use the manufacturer's software. Here you click on the games area and select one of the provider's titles. With a simple click on demo the game starts in free play mode.

Games that are also worth free play:

  • Dark Vortex
  • Nitro Circus
  • Wolf Hunter


Although the software developer Yggdrasil is still a relatively young company, the casino game provider has managed to build up a considerable portfolio of games and win countless awards within a short period of time. It is not for nothing that there are more and more online game libraries that choose the company. The provider owes this above all to his courage to break new ground and constantly bring out new innovations in games.

But also the colorful mix of different topics in the games is what customers like players enthusiastic and attracts. In addition to video slots and Jackpot Games, the classic casino table games are also very important. Yggdrasil has quite the potential to move big in the industry.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How good is the provider Yggdrasil really?
Finding an answer to such a question is not always easy. Of course, the player's own preferences are always taken into account. But basically you can say that the company is actually a very good software developer. This is evidenced by the numerous awards that the company repeatedly receives.
How many licenses does the provider stop?
The fact that Yggdrasil is a very respected and reputable company becomes apparent at the latest when you take a look at the many gaming licenses. The provider holds a total of seven licenses, some of which come from Great Britain, but also from Romania.
How many games can Yggdrasil show?
In total, the company can boast well over 100 different casino games. These mainly include the Yggdrasil slot machine games, but some jackpot games are also represented among the games.
Which game is new right now?
The title “Trolls Bridge” is currently out. As the name suggests, this is a video slot that definitely falls under the theme of mysticism or fairytale world. Fantasy fans in particular will enjoy this game.
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last update: February 10, 2021

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