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benefits disadvantage
  • Represent in almost all online India casinos
  • Countless casino games
  • Excellent graphics and highest quality
  • Quality of the live casino not optimal

Via Microgaming online

India Online casinos are among the most demanded providers of gambling. Accordingly, high is the number of providers who now exist on the market. But rarely, it is perceived that these companies can only offer their services because there are providers that provide the right games for the Internet's transducers.

One of these providers, which also deals with the software production for casinos on the web, is Microgaming. The developer is one of the few known whose slot machines and casino games can be found in many online gambling halls. The selection of Microgaming online India casinos is huge. Similar to the provider NetEnt, there is hardly a game library online that does not purchase games from Microgaming.

If you are looking for Microgaming productions in the online India casino, you will primarily find the Microgaming slot machines there. There are also reasons for this. The company brings out new games at regular intervals that provide the best entertainment. The company can do a lot more than just video slots. The spectrum of games of all kinds is broad, even if the focus is on Microgaming slot machine games. It's no wonder either. Because the demand for slot games is steadily increasing, the Microgaming games online are primarily designed for this area.

More about microgaming

Facts about Microgaming
  • Microgaming is one of the most prominent providers for casino games
  • The game developer is represented with its productions in almost every online game hall
  • Microgaming strengths are innovation and best quality
  • The games are also playable for free

The core business of Microgaming is the development of slot machine games. Here in particular, the provider is seeing great demand. This is partly due to the fact that there are more and more slot machine players and partly to the numerous new online India casinos. Since every casino constantly wants to have new game offers in order to stand out from the competition, the demand also increases. Another reason is the good quality and implementation of the games.

Microgaming is known to have failed games - especially with the slots - on offer. Especially in India, the provider belongs to the famous brands in the casino area online. Accordingly, many microgaming casinos are represented online. Since the provider has a very large playing library, there are a variety of games in each Microgaming casino, which do not reappear right in the next Microgaming Online India Casino.

In addition, the company attaches great importance to the fact that customers can test the Microgaming games for free. As a result, the players go to no risk, as Microgaming play online for free and no real money needs to be used. When playing free of charge without deposit, new games can be discovered constantly and get to know the games better.

Why are Microgaming games so popular?

Of course, in addition to the Provider Microgaming, there are many more companies that have games on offer, which are not only played by Indian customers. Nevertheless, there are some games from the studios of microgaming, which are particularly popular with the players. This concerns primarily the machine games. Some of the top machines in the online gambling halls come from the feather microgamings. Each slot machine is suitable for the immedative game.

This means in plain text that all games can be played immediately without carrying out a deposit and without registration. In the Free version no real money can be won, but the game fun is by no means too short and is a good exercise for playing with real money.

Especially the selected topics of the slot machine games as well as the graphics are probably the most important points why the Microgaming games enjoy such great popularity.

Many virtual casinos lead the provider in the portfolio, which in turn speaks for the developer and its quality. But everyone should convince themselves of the good games. Especially the good jackpots and payout rates are a real reason to test microgaming for free and without obligation.

About the games

  • Exceptional graphics and great sound
  • Original topics
  • Jackpot slots with high sums
  • Good repayment rates

Special features of microgaming games

Two points in particular stand for the success of Microgaming. On the one hand it is of course the quality, without which nothing works nowadays. On the other hand, the good choice of themes for the games, especially slots, is an important factor in the success of the games. The company always seems to know what's trending with its customers. The provider also dares to deal with unusual topics in its slots. These are the success factors of Microgaming that have enabled the company to establish and maintain itself so successfully in the highly competitive casino market since 1994.

This effort was rewarded more than once. Since the games are sometimes so unusual and of high quality, Microgaming received the first award for its games in 2001. More should follow. The provider's games are characterized by innovation and courage for games outside of the norm.

Table games

The fact that Microgaming can not only be jackpot automatic games should already prove the numerous microgaming casinos. Although the machines belong to the main business, Microgaming also offers world-class table games.

  1. Roulette. Of course, the classic under the traditional casino games must not be missing in the microgaming portfolio. An engraved sharp graphic and liquid gameplay are standard.
  2. Card games. Where there is roulette, BlackJack and Co. cannot be far. The well-known card games Baccarat and Video Poker can also be found at Microgaming. There are several versions because the company does not want to limit itself to just one version.
  3. Live casino. Even a software for a neat live casino was designed by microgaming. Again, there is more than one version that can be used by the online playclos.

Slot machine

Now we are dedicated to the most popular casino games, which have probably lost their shine in 2019. Microgaming can rely on a very large arsenal at a wide variety of casinogames. Here, the provider alone serves several divisions and topics, which are readily adopted by the players. Many of the top titles from the casinos were developed by microgaming. The company is not limited to the classic slot machines. Video slots also belong to the repertoire of the provider. In the following list a few of the most prominent and most played slots from the publications of Microgaming.

The most popular Microgaming slots

Microgaming can offer a considerable selection of games, most of which are top titles. In the Microgaming online India casino real money games, players also have different jackpots available, some of which are even progressive. Free versions, including slots, are also available from Microgaming. At this point we would like to introduce a few of the most popular Microgaming slot machines that are definitely worth playing.

  1. Avalon. This slot is probably one of the most fascinating games that came from the pen of the provider Microgaming. The theme is the fantasy genre and takes the player on a mystical journey. On 5 reels with a total of 20 paylines, players go in search of the legendary sword Excalibur.
  2. Mega Moolah Isis. As the name suggests, this is an ancient Egyptian slot machine. Microgaming has hit the nerve of time. Because this topic is very in demand among the players. In addition, the slot can not only convince through an excellent graphics, but also by its high payout rate.

Where can the games be played?

Since Microgaming is undoubtedly a well-known provider of casino games, it is in no way difficult to find companies that work with the Microgaming software. Many well-known, but also new online game stores have games from the developer on their website. A search engine, for example, provides a pretty good overview of those online game libraries where gaming is worthwhile.

Whoever wants to go safe, that a casino is a serious, should look for the payment method PayPal. This payment provider selects his partners carefully. So a casino offers PayPal, you can definitely be sure that this company works without doubtful practices.

In this section we have put together a selection of internet casinos that offer Microgaming games. In addition, these arcades often have a good bonus offer, which we will go into in the next section.

Bonus offers of microgaming casinos

In the previous section, we have already put together a list of Internet casinos working with Microgaming software. Otherwise, these companies offer a fairly good general offer and are sometimes the successful on the market. In our table, we now introduce the different bonus offers. Some operators even offer a NO DEPOSIT bonus.

Bonusart offer Others
Welcome bonus 100% to deposit, max. Height between 100 and 500 euros No bonus code required, it will be automatically credited upon registration
No Deposit Bonus between 30 and 200 free spins No bonus code required, is granted as part of welcome bonuses or reload bonuses

Tips and tricks for the Microgaming games

When you visit a virtual casino, you usually do so for two reasons. Having fun in the game and the hope of winning money are the decisive factors. Nevertheless, as a customer, you should always be aware that all games are pure games of chance. With a little experience and a certain strategy you can help your luck a little bit, but nothing more. There are no tricks herewith whom the games, no matter what kind, let out to achieve safe profits.

If you take this to heart and have a good deal of luck, there is no frustration even with losses. In addition, you should only ever play with the money that you can bear in the event of losses. There are no profit guarantees in any casino.

Short and sweet

  • Use bonuses to increase playing capital
  • Use free game mode
  • Follow the course of the game closely
  • Do not choose stakes that are too small

Are Microgaming games also mobile available?

The provider is one of the top providers in the casino sector and as such, all of the developer's games are optimized so that they can easily be played on a tablet or similar. In addition to their website, some online game libraries also offer mobile apps, which can be used to play games just as comfortably as on the home PC.

The games are compatible with

  • Android
  • iOS

Play Microgaming games for real money

Playing for free without registering is a popular practice with customers. It is mainly used to test new games or to try strategies for certain games. But in order to win real money, you have to play for real money. With the high repayment rates of the Microgaming games, the chances are particularly good.

Play free without registration

Of course, it is also possible to try Microgaming's games for free. In most cases, this does not even require registration at a casino. In addition, the games can be played completely without software download.


It is not for nothing that Microgaming is one of the best in its field. Sophisticated games, especially in the slot area, as well as a very good selection and incredible quality speak for the provider. Playing a few rounds at Microgaming machines is never wrong here.

questions and answers

  • Is Microgaming Trustworthy?

    A resounding yes. The provider is one of those who have been on the market the longest. In addition, the company only offers solutions and does not operate its own casino.

  • Why is Microgaming one of the best providers?

    This is mainly due to the good quality. This is so high that the company has already received several awards for it.

  • How many games does the company have on offer?

    The choice is huge. The provider has brought more than 800 games onto the market since it was founded.

  • How many Microgaming casinos can be found on the net?

    The so-called Microgaming network includes over 120 online India casinos all over the world. In addition to them, the company also operates 20 poker rooms that are part of the Microgaming Poker Network.

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last update: February 10, 2021

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  1. Roman Windisch

    Microgaming games are awesome. Before all Mega Moolah. I often play with small stakes and I can tell that at some point I'll hit the jackpot. The tension is really increasing here minute by minute. I can only recommend.

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