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benefits disadvantage
  • Company with a long tradition
  • World famous slot machine games
  • Unique features in the slots
  • Also Jackpot games in the portfolio
  • Not widespread online
  • Almost exclusively slot machines on offer

Information about Merkur Online

One of the most famous providers companies for online India casino games is the Indian company Merkur. The company has a tradition and has been successfully in the online India casinos for countless years. Since the company can show a huge range of games, the games like to be offered to Merkur casinos.

But unlike other prominent providers, Merkur Games are not available in each player. Above all, this is also due to the fact that the Indian company lays its focus on traditional matches. But that should not be called for a long time that there is no offer on Merkur machine games on the Internet. Nevertheless, there is currently not too many Merkur online India casinos, which just makes the search a little more difficult for newcomers. If you find a suitable Merkur Online India Casino, you are as a new customer and as a faithful player on a safe side, good quality delivered.

Since Merkur is also one of the major providers on the Indian market, playing on the corresponding Merkur slot machines promises pure pleasure. In this article we reveal in which online India casino Merkur productions are offered and what is so special about these games.

Special features of Mercury

Facts about Mercury
  • Merkur is the leading manufacturer of traditional slot machine games in India
  • The company is relatives in the Gauselmann Group
  • Mercury offers almost exclusively slots
  • The games are high quality and very popular in online India casinos

Merkur is one of the most important brands in India when it comes to developing casino games. In the first place are the slot machine games. These machines in particular are the flagship of the provider from India. The Merkur company is also not an independent company, but belongs to the Gauselmann Group, which manages and operates the Merkur company. As far as the online area is concerned, however, the Merkur brand lags behind the competition. Because Merkur offered its games for a long time mainly in the traditional game libraries. Every adventurer who has ever been to such an arcade will have played at least one real Merkur machine.

Although there are the games only occasionally in Merkur Casino online, the company's games are very well known and definitely belong to the best. The special thing here is that the brand Mercury actually offers only slot games, which are high quality for it. A software that represents classical games, for example, does not exist from Mercury. That may be one of the reasons why there are not all too many casinos that offer Mercury online. But sometimes you can see yourself as a player that in some virtual casinos Merkur online is free.

This is why Merkur games are so popular

Since the Merkur brand is a traditional Indian company, the games primarily appeal to Indian customers. One of the reasons for this is that the games were well represented in countless real arcades right from the start. Therefore, the games now published online have a high recognition value. But there is one point that makes the games so special. Merkur's slots have a unique feature that cannot be found in any other game of the competition. We will go into this special feature in more detail in the next section.

It is not very easy to find casinos that offer Merkur Games on the Internet. Compared to other providers there are only a few Merkur casinos. But they stand for a very good quality. Mainly well-known online game libraries have Merkur productions on offer. So if you are interested in these games, you should start looking for them first. If you finally found what you were looking for, you can place real money in the Merkur Online India Casino or test the games in advance for free without making a deposit before you go on the jackpot hunt.

To test Merkur games for free, it is especially suitable for those who can not or little experience with automatic games generally or can hardly be familiar with the peculiarities of Merkur machines. In the free demo version, the immediate game without registration is possible.

Facts about Mercury games

  • Mainly slots in the portfolio
  • Many implementations of real slot machines
  • Excellent quality
  • Special special feature with each slot

Special features of the games

As already mentioned in the section slightly further above, all known machines of Mercur have a very special feature and thus a unique selling point. Otherwise, this can not be found in any other slot machine. Basically, the construction of the vending machines is like everyone else. Different symbols appear at three or five rollers with which profit combinations have to be formed. Depending on which symbols appear on the rollers, the gain falls highly high.

Of course, jackpots are present at the Mercury slot machines at different heights, as well as free spins. But the free rotation is not special. Each Merkur Automat has an additional risk function where players can double their profit. After each successful spin, it is possible to make the profits even higher on the so-called risks. The chances are 50:50. Of course, this feature does not have to be used and is therefore only obligatory to choose from. Nevertheless, this is quite simple feature one of the reasons why customers like to try their luck so much on these slot machines.

Table games

The focus of Merkur has always been in the machine games. Again and again, the company brings new games to the market in this area. On them can be played either for real money or in Fun mode. The selection of games from other genres is something in the background. Nonetheless, Merkur offers games from other divisions. Above all, the table games include classics that the provider with a few nice additional features has revoloured a bit. Lotto and Bingo are only two of the table games that newly reconsidered Mercury and providing them in something other form.

Slot machine

Far ahead of the Merkur Provider the slots. Whether normal slot machines or video slots, they are the steering horse of the traditional company. Especially with players from India they are also desirable as well. Of course, the developer Merkur also there are a few games that have already obtained cult status and therefore still liked to be played. Some of the titles that find themselves here are, for example, Hocus Pocus, Double Triple Chance or Bullfighter.

But unfortunately Merkur has taken a few of the popular games from the online market at the beginning of 2019. Why exactly, is not yet known. But that should not mean that the company withdraws from the online India casino business. Finally, new and improved developer games are always on the market, which will enjoy great popularity with customers and thus experience great approval.

Where can you play Merkur Games?

With the company of the Gauselmann Group this is such a thing. On the one hand, the company has been there for a long time and is one of the important Indian brands in this sector. On the other hand, Merkur seems to have the entry into the online business a little sleep. Currently there are not too many internet plays, where Mercury can be found casino games.

Especially for inexperienced players it is sometimes difficult to find a good Merkur online gaming facility. Only a few companies have this provider on offer. Nevertheless, there are gambling libraries online that rely on quality Made in India. Hardly any other provider can offer such an impressive selection of high-quality games and has such many years of experience. The following list shows the casinos that offer Merkur Games.

These online companies are gambling halls where not only Merkur games can be found. The range and service here are often very good too. Deposit and withdrawal go smoothly. Also at these casinos you can order either Real money played or the demo mode can be used. Unfortunately, only a few of them work with the PayPal payment method. But there are good alternatives for the payment options available.

Bonus at the Merkur Casinos

In the majority of online India casinos there are bonuses for customers that can be used for extended gameplay. Above all, the welcome bonus is at the forefront. Of course, there are also other offers from the casino operators that you can take advantage of and make clever use of. It is not always necessary to provide a bonus code. If you prefer not to use a bonus, you can either deselect it yourself or have it done by customer support. The employees are happy to take care of it. It also has to be mentioned that there is currently no no deposit bonus available.

Bonusart description Deposit Bonus Code
Welcome bonus Extra credit for new customers at the first bank upload Yes. Note the minimum amount! You nach Casino
Reload Bonus Additional payment for a new deposit of credit And. No
Free spells Free spins on selected slots, available to all customers You nach Casino No

Tips and tricks for playing

The range of games at Merkur is mainly limited to slot machine games. On the one hand, it is particularly easy to play on these, on the other hand, as a player, you hardly have a chance to influence the game yourself. First of all, it should be said at this point that, contrary to the opinion on the Internet, manipulation is not possible. Often mentioned weak points in various online slot machine games are not available or would not offer the players any advantage, on the contrary.

But that it works and quickly can set first profits, should be kept well with the use. Inserts may never be too small on machines, at least not when you are on the maximum profit. Particular attention must also always be placed on the gameplay. So usually can be guessed how the rollers react exactly and adapt the inserts. With a little luck, the first cowmicks come together.

Tips to play

  • No tampering attempts companies
  • Do not place too small inserts
  • Nevertheless, manage your budget well
  • Follow the course of the game closely

Are Merkur Games Mobile playable?

Basically, Mercur games can also be used via mobile devices. Since these were optimized both as a Flash version for the desktop PC as well as for smartphone and co., the gaming is nothing in the way. However, care should be taken that either an app of the casino is used or the mobile device has a good resolution because the graphics otherwise are not displayed properly.

Merkur Games playing real money

Of course, in order to be able to win real money from gambling, real money must also be risked. It is no different with the Merkur casino games. To make playing fun, players should look for a Merkur casino they trust. Because not every online game library has the same offers. Therefore, please always test the company in advance for its service so that it also fits your own requirements.

This is how it works

  • Find a trusted casino and register
  • If you are interested, choose bonus
  • Charge player account with credit
  • Choose a game and place a bet

Free play

You can not only gamble on the Merkur games for real money. The pure game for fun is also very entertaining and exciting. Customers can also play Merkur Games for free without registering.


Merkur is not just a traditional Indian company that scores with its experience. The games are also of high standards and are among the most recommended. With the good selection, every slot fan will find the right one.

frequently asked Questions

  • Is the Merkur games only in the casino?

    Yes. The games of Mercur can only be played in casinos. But not only online, even offline the games can be found again.

  • Are there only slots?

    First and foremost yes. Since the company specializes in the development and production of machines, this is one of the core business of the brand.

  • How often are new games released?

    As a rule, the company strives to bring at least one new game to the market annually, but that does not always succeed. Nevertheless, new releases do not have to wait long.

  • Where are the games developed?

    The online Merkur titles are produced 17 different developer studios distributed to Europe and Australia. The real machines are made in India, more precisely in Lübbecke.

Author: Manager Amar
last update: February 10, 2021

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    Too bad that I can not play the Mercury games anymore. I hope so much that the games are allowed again at some point in India. They were just something special I think. At least in demo mode, it is luckily possible.

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