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Vegas Nights properties
Rollers * rows
Min. Use
Max bet
Maximum win (coins)
Bonus properties
FreeSpins, multiplier, scatter symbols, rinsing, wild, random multiplier, additional prepaid wilds
Release date
Slot machine type
Free spells
Video and screenshots: How to play Vegas Nights
Beautiful symbols
Subject well implemented
Lots of free spins
Only 9 paylines
Sound gets annoying fast
No gambling feature

Vegas Nights: The name is an omen

N / A? Already gambled today? If the answer is no and you are looking for a game you remember more than ever at Casino, then you should the game Vegas Nights of Evoplay Entertainment try out. You can play Vegas Nights for free here with us - as well. Since December 2016, this is also available in various online India casinos throughout India. And as I said - everything turns through and through casinos. Not, because it's a slot and always turns everything around the slot for gains and money. No, but because the topic of the Slots Las Vegas is. And what is Las Vegas known for? A little tip: It's not the good burgundy you grow up here in the vineyards. No, it's the gambling. And that's why we sprinkle a few important facts about the slot at the beginning. And who likes, can play here with us Vegas Nights for free.

  • Name of the game: Vegas Nights
  • Provider: Evoplay Entertainment
  • Thema: Las Vegas, Casino
  • Art: Videoslot
  • Number of reels: 5 (with 3 rows visible)
  • Number of paylines: 9
  • RTP: 95%
  • Volatility: medium

These facts already reveal a lot. But just not everything. We will look more closely and summarize for you over all the features and everything it's just about the slot machines to know. Then you know what to get involved. And if you like, you can also try many other machine games for free with us.

Grafik & Soundeffekte: Luft nach oben

Who is looking for a new exciting machine game, will make its decision dependent on several factors. The profits and the frequency, how often you win, are one. But the graphic implementation and the sound are the other. Winnes are not always everything. That's why we look at this slot first on the symbols. Here you are sorted in your value:

  • Las Vegas (Scatter Symbol)
  • Roulette Cylinder (Wild Symbol)
  • Straight Flush
  • Münzstapel
  • cube
  • Kartensymbole (A – K – Q – J – 10)

That's a total of 10 different symbols. With 9 paylines and an average RTP of 95%, there is an astonishing number of winning combinations that you will spin with the slot. And in fact, sometimes you are amazed at how fast it goes. You still think about whether you should find the saxophone sound good or bad - and then you get your first free spins. And with that we quickly switch to gameplay.

The game mechanics: Which features are there?

The classic features are already available here. Because almost every player who wants to collect winnings longs for them. What does Vegas Nights have to offer?

  • Free spins thanks to the scatter symbol
  • Wild icon with multiplier function
  • Autospin mode Alias Autoplay
  • Unfortunately no bonus game
  • Unfortunately no gambling feature

Everything starts as usual for a slot. You define a stake. To do this, select the number of paylines you are playing with and determine a bet per payline. Then it starts. Spin the reels and watch how fast they spin. When the reels stop you will see any wins. And so that these are not too tight, there are a few nice features.

Scatter Symbol und Free Spins

If you see 3 scatters or more, you get 10 free spins. Try it out by playing Vegas Nights for free. It usually doesn't take long for you to enjoy the free spins. It is curious that free spins do not always automatically lead to the biggest winnings. In our test, we even came away empty-handed once, while the account balance in normal games grew steadily.

Wild Symbol

The roulette cylinder is the wild symbol. It replaces each other with the exception of the scatter. And it can be even more. If it is part of a winning combination, a random multiplier is determined. The maximum factor is x5. If you see multiple Wilds on a winning combination, the multipliers are summed up. The highest total multiplier is X25. More than that is unfortunately not. Incidentally, the game occurs in the usual game only on rollers 1, 3 and 5. In the Free Spins you can count on all the rolls.

Play Vegas Nights and win

Who wants to win, actually only needs two things. First, a good richer for the best strategy, which is concerned with the use and secondly a little luck. The multipliers make up most of the profits. One hopes therefore intuitively to as many wild symbols as possible.

  • RTP: 95%
  • Volatility: medium
  • Paylines: 9 (these are fixed)
  • There is no jackpot or gambling feature

Need tips and tricks? Be patient and vary the stakes. Especially after longer streaks of bad luck, it should be worthwhile to have been lucky with a higher stake.

Mobile version: for Android and Apple

EvoPlay Entertainment meets your own reputation as far as a mobile version is concerned. They exist. And although for Apple and for Android alike. Restrictions in the functionality are not to be expected. Maybe you have to make your eyes a little more effort to see the icons well. But that was to be expected.

Play Vegas Nights without registering

Vegas Nights can play you without registration. And just like you can play Vegas Nights for free. No, not in any online India casinos. Take advantage of the offer of OnlineCasinomitsStartAval credit.org, because here you can play various slot machines for free. Play as you please and try out the individual features.

Vegas Nights to play real money

N / A? Do you want to gamble for real money? Do you feel that you have the slot under control? Then follow the Vegas Nights online in the next good online India casino. Get a bonus and get started today. We admit that the game is even more fun when you win right money.

Conclusion: There is a lot together

The slot machine is able to inspire. We switched off the music in the course of the test because the sound started to get on our nerves. But the game itself is convincing for a long time. The developers did a great job and gave us extremely entertaining hours. Just one more point: You can play Vegas Nights for free with us without registering. You don't have to wager any money if you don't want to.

graphic 10
Bonus Round *
Fun 9
Mobile Version 9
Variety** 8
Payout 8
Author: Manager Amar
last update: February 18, 2021