4.33 (116 reviews)
Dragons treasure properties
Rollers * rows
Dragons treasure
Min. Use
Max bet
Maximum win (coins)
Bonus properties
Freespins, Multiplier, Scatter Symbole, Wild
Release date
Slot machine type
Video Slot
Antiquity / Middle Ages
5 unchangeable
Left to right
Free spells
Progressive jackpot
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The topics of slots are always the same; Often it's about giving different fruits and then picking up a profit. Many slots like others almost to the hair and differ only a little in the bonus methods. Not so this game from Mercury, which comes up with another setting when it is usually used to it; This makes playing a lot more fun! The game went through a similar development cycle as the other very fun games of Merkur and has been in many different gambling halls and casinos at home for years. Meanwhile, you can even play Dragons Treasure online, often even without further registration. This flexibility makes this slot machine very popular and the special setting means that there is a look definitely worthwhile here. But what are the rules of Dragons Treasure Slots of Mercury and are there any special features that you have to pay attention to when playing? We highlight all this in the following chapter.

How is Dragons Treasure played?

No matter if you play Dragons Treasure online or the game in the local arcade garnishes, the rules are always the same. Here, the rules of the game of Dragons Treasure follow well-known conventions, but also wait with some small but fine surprises, the veteran players may surprise. The basic rules are the following:

  • The basic rules follow old rules that can be found in many other slots; Here, the game does not break up new walls and sticks to what works. That's good, because so you can quickly get into the game and does not have to get used to you when you want to play the game.
  • One small difference is immediately noticeable: while older slots usually have 3 reels and thus also 3 paylines, Dragons Treasure has 5 paylines and reels. That means two more ways to win. If you play clever, you can maximize your chances of winning and even have fun.
  • Dragons Treasure has a number of different symbols; fortunately these are all explained in the game itself. Depending on the symbol, the conditions for winning are a little different. For example, there are symbols, such as the sword, that only have to appear twice in order to make a profit. With other symbols, on the other hand, you have to have 5 symbols next to each other on the playing field in order to be able to achieve a profit in the win lines.

Da man Dragons Treasure Play for free without registration you can slowly get used to the conditions of the slot machine and start playing with play money. Even if the game principle is the same as with many other machines, for example the fact with the two symbols mentioned above is something relatively new. There is also the dragon symbol - this dragon represents the wild symbol and helps you to win big even with just one symbol.

Wo findet man die Dragons Treasure Slots?

Like many other Merkur slots, the Dragons Treasure Slots can actually be found anywhere there are slot machines. Many gambling halls in India offer slot machines from Merkur; so it is very likely that these arcades also carry Dragons Treasure. But if that is too vague for you, you can of course also play the slot machine on the Internet in one of the numerous casinos that are available online. If you are not sure whether the casino of your choice is running Dragons Treasure, you will mostly find the game in the "Slots" category. There you can almost always try it out for free with play money before venturing into the real money mode - if you want to take the risk.

In any case, Dragons Treasure is a very fun game that is almost unique in its setting and presentation. So if you can't see any fruit and the ancient casino design, you should try this very fun slot machine and try to escape the dragon's treasure and get the jackpot at the end.

Author: Manager Amar
last update: December 22, 2020