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Chinese New Year properties
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Multiplier, wild
Release date
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Fireworks, holiday theme
Video and screenshots: How to play Chinese New Year
Fantastic graphic
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Chinese New Year: Chinese New Year in the casino

The exact date of the Chinese New Year's festival is calculated according to the new moon. However, it always falls within the period between January 21 and the 21st of February, but not only at this time you can play Chinese New Year for free. Evoplay Entertainment Makes Chinese New Year Online every day to Chinese New Year's Day. On five rollers with three rows you can absorb the unique mood of the most important Chinese festival at any time when playing this slot machine. With this video slot machine you can quickly leave India and exchange your local environment against a fascinating exotic world. There are certainly not many slots in the online India casino, which make a Chinese theme well as well as Chinese New Year is the case.

Graphics and sound effects: a magical fairy tale

If you think about the celebrations of the Chinese New Year, then they probably also dance pictures of people in the head, which dancing to drums and traditional Chinese music dancing through the streets. Exactly this can be experienced at this slot machine, among other things, if you play Chinese New Year for free without registration. Evoplay Entertainment has succeeded in creating this mood with the chosen background music. The player also expect fantastic sound effects while taking the turns. In such an impressive noise, the graph was neglected? Not with Evoplay Entertainment! The game has a no less impressive graphic at which the dragons, while turning in the center.

The game mechanics: varied and exciting

The last thing Chinese people think about on the most important day of the year is strategy. This day is for celebration and not for brooding. In a sense, this also applies to Chinese New Year, because it is one of the games that you can basically play right away. To make playing as easy as possible for us, we have of course also been provided with an autoplay function. When we play slot machine games, of course, we want to win too, and there's nothing that makes us happier than winning a bonus feature. We were able to play Chinese New Year for free and we noticed straight away that we weren't confronted with the boring free spins. You will now find out what to expect instead.

1. The wild symbol

How serious Evoplay Entertainment was in developing a slot that deals particularly realistically with the topic of Chinese New Year becomes apparent when you look at the wild symbol. We love to share tips with our readers, and in this case one of those tips is play Chinese New Year for free. Pay attention to the disc with the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, because it is our wild symbol. The yellow disc can replace any other motif and if it gives you a win as part of a winning combination, it will start spinning in a video sequence.

2. The multiplier display

As mentioned earlier, while we were playing Chinese New Year for free, we could not discover any free spins. A look at the rules confirmed our suspicions, but we also encountered a surprise here. In the top right corner above the Chinese New Year reels is a multiplier gauge that shows the number of five values between x2 and x32. The multipliers are activated when a win is made on consecutive spins.

An example:

  • Win your first turn - jumps to X2;
  • also wins your next turn, there is an X4 bonus, etc.;
  • after six consecutive winning spins, you are playing with the highest multiplier value of x32.

Play Chinese New Year and win

Also on one of the highest holidays of the Chinese have to be considered regulations, for example in the greeting formula, because otherwise disappears. Whether this is true if you play the slot machine for free, unfortunately we can not tell you. Of course, the game rules for Chinese New Year are always the same, whether you play with real money or the Use free version to try out.

The rules

At Chinese New Year, no rolls are visible, but the symbols fall down as a kind of playstones from above to the field. Of course, that EvoPlay Entertainment has chosen a completely different bonus function has also affects the game rules as well as the payouts. Chinese New Year has a slightly greater number with 25 immutable paylines than most other slot machines of this manufacturer. All winning combinations consist of at least three same motives, which must land in the order from left to the right to achieve profits.

The settings and further information

The only really important setting to make before starting the game is to determine the value of the bet. Furthermore, you can determine the number of autospins and regulate the sound effects according to personal preferences. By the way, you celebrate the Chinese New Year online with an RTP of 93%. There are no other bonus features such as a risk game or a jackpot, but with a maximum multiplier of x32 this is not a problem.

The mobile version: Celebrate with the dragons

Of course you can also enjoy the online celebrations with your smartphone or tablet. The mobile version of the game is based on HTML5, which makes a download unnecessarily and also allows Chinese New Year to play on all mobile devices alike.

Play Chinese New Year without registration

With us you can play many slot machine games for free. After all, we want none of our readers to have to buy a pig in a poke. With our free version of the game you can test as often and as long as you want!

Chinese New Year to play real money

Celebrate the new year with the biggest people in the world with real money. We from OnlineCasinomitsStartAval creditDen.org have found online India casinos that offer Chinese New Year with real money and also over especially attractive welcome bonus offers feature.

Conclusion: Pure variety to New Year

With multipliers in abundance and abundance, the new year can start. Chinese New Year is an extraordinary slot machine that makes us a new experience not only with the bonus features. Evoplay Entertainment has brought a rare topic with fantastic graphic effects in Chinese New Year.

graphic 9
Bonusrunden 6
Fun 8
Mobile Version 8
variety 7
Payout 7
Author: Manager Amar
last update: February 18, 2021