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Roulette has been a very popular pastime for many years, played primarily in casinos around the world. The game itself was developed in America in the 17th century - hence the standard name of the so-called American Roulette. The game was then carried to Europe at some point. The people there then created their own variations of the game of chance and tried to capture the original atmosphere while still bringing their own rules into the game. This is how the variations of French Roulette and European Roulette came about. These two versions are most commonly played in Europe. American roulette is more popular in America and is hardly used in Europe. The same also applies the other way around, of course.

Grand Roulette is an online game that combines the best virtues of all types of roulette and thus blurs the borders between the countries, so to speak. It was developed a few years ago with the aim of giving players the opportunity to simply play roulette on the internet without having to go to the casino first. It offers a variety of game options and, at least in some casinos, can be played with real money or simply with play money, which is already integrated in the software itself. It has been very popular since it was first launched and is offered in various online India casinos. We show the rules and tell where to find the game!

Grand Roulette properties

Software Provider RTP Max profit (coins) Min. Use, € Max. Use, € Creation Date
Grand Roulette Live Playtech 97.3% 1000 1 50 15.05.2017

The rules of Grand Roulette

Grand Roulette itself has no special rules. It largely follows the rules of American Roulette. It differs a little only in a few points. The rules of Grand Roulette are as follows:

  • As with American Roulette, there is a game board with red and black fields at the Grand Roulette. Overall, there are 36 numbers on which you can bet.
  • Before the game starts, chips are set to a specific color and / or to a numerical value. This can be arbitrary as long as it is between 1 and 36.
  • Then the shooter releases the round. This means that now the ball rolls - until it comes to a stop. When that happens, he lands on a color and a number.
  • Who has bet on the specific number or color, gets the gain that was exposed from the casino to just this bet. Then the round is considered finished and the next round begins.

As described earlier, Grand Roulette largely follows the rules of American Roulette. However, there is a big difference between American Roulette and Grand Roulette: Grand Roulette only has 36 numbers, while American Roulette is played with 38 numbers.

Since Grand Roulette is a software, there are also a few comfort functions on the screen that you can use to your advantage and which are otherwise not available in a normal casino when playing. There is, for example, the "Clear" button, with which you can spontaneously clear the whole table and start a new round. The "Repeat" button repeats the last spin. So you can explore the various possibilities perfectly and maximize profit.

Video: How to play Grand Roulette

Where can you find Grand Roulette?

In itself, Grand Roulette is a pure online game. That means you can only find and play it on the internet. It is offered on different gaming pages and can be found in some online India casinos offering roulette games. There Grand Roulette is also often very popular. In itself, Grand Roulette is a game that is just playing for fun - a real money function is not installed in the game. However, however already mentioned, some casino pages still offer a real money mode for the game. So if you want to play Grand Roulette for real money, you can do that on these pages.

It should also be mentioned that Grand Roulette can really only be found on the Internet. Unlike other popular casino classics such as Solitaire or Poker, Grand Roulette itself cannot be found on smartphones or tablets. So if you want to play roulette on the go, you should download one of the many other roulette games available. These then actually work on the smartphone.

So you can say that Grand Roulette is a refreshing and exciting twist on the normal roulette games. The game principle is known enough for you to know what to do and still offers some small but fine changes that will bring a few hours. So you are looking for something for between, Grand Roulette is ideal for a small, quick pastime. If you want to play real roulette with real money and other players, however, would be better advised with the classics American Roulette or French roulette, because there are more software and a larger selection. Nevertheless very fun for in between! Would you like to become a pro? Then read our new article about Roulette Tricks!


Author: Manager Amar
last update: February 6, 2020