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At some point American roulette was born in America - more precisely, in the 17th century. The game quickly found a lot of enthusiastic fans not only in America, but all over the world, who knew what potential the game had.

As a result, many different offshoots of the veteran American roulette have developed over the years. There is, for example, European roulette and French roulette. This type of roulette was developed over the years in France and largely follows the old American roulette - with a few differences that you only notice when you actually play the game and sit down at the table.

Properties of different French roulette variants

Software Provider RTP Max profit (coins) Min. Use, € Max. Use, € Creation Date
French Roulette High Limit NetEnt 97.3% 175000 10 5000 01.01.2017
French Roulette Playtech 98.65% 175000 1 5000 15.04.2017
Premium French Roulette Playtech 98.65% 18000 0.01 500 15.05.2017
French roulette sharing Play’n Go 98.65% k.A. 1 1000 15.04.2017
French Roulette Play’n Go 97.3% 10000 1 100 01.01.2015
French Roulette Evolution Gaming k.A. k.A. k.A. k.A. 20.12.2018
French Roulette Microgaming 98.65% 2880 1 80 01.07.2004
French Roulette Begging 97.3% 3600 1 100 05.05.2017

French vs. American roulette

Above all, French roulette is especially popular in Europe today. As already mentioned, the difference between the American roulette and the other variants here is merely the rule set. The actual feeling is preserved. A casino usually offers several variants. American and French roulette are as good as always available. You can play French roulette for free and in most cases do not have to set real money if you do not want.

As already mentioned, the difference between American and French roulette is not very big. The basic rules are for the most part the same, but there are some subtle differences that do not change the overall feel of the game, but are definitely worth mentioning. After all, you want to maximize your chances of winning and that is only possible if you know all the rules - and that applies to every type of roulette, whether American, French or European roulette.

While American roulette is played throughout the world and is popular, French roulette is mostly played in Europe and is most popular here, in addition to European roulette, of course, which represents another form of roulette with another rule set, on which we But do not want to go in more detail here. Here we explain the rules of the French roulette and say what to look for when playing the popular gambling. In addition, we give information about where you can find French roulette and which Roulette Strategies good is!

The rules of French Roulette

As mentioned earlier, French roulette largely follows the rules of American roulette, as it was the result of it. Like many other games, the game is easy to understand but difficult to master. While it is primarily a game of chance, there are some very strategic aspects to French roulette. The basic rules are the following:

  • The game board is the same as American Roulette: There are fields that are painted red and black as well as a total of 37 numbers on which the ball can end up when he is rolled
  • So before the game you have to bet on a certain color. You can decide for yourself whether you want to bet on a certain color or number, or a combination of them. There is also a special feature of French Roulette, but more on that below. So you choose your stakes here.
  • The shooter, so the scooter of the ball, throws the ball and it is waiting for the ball to land on a color and a number
  • After that, the player who has set to the right color and number wins
  • Then the next round begins

In contrast to American roulette, French roulette has a few additional rules. Although these do not directly influence the course of the game, they can be advantages for some players.

The first special rule of French Roulette is the so-called "La Partage" rule. This states that if the ball hits zero, a player will only lose half of their bet. This can help minimize your own losses.

The second rule is the absence of the double zero. This greatly diminishes the house's edge and is one of the reasons why French Roulette is very popular, especially in Europe. This also means that French Roulette only has 37 numbers instead of the usual 38.

The last special “rule”, or rather specialty of French Roulette, is the fact that the numbers are arranged a little differently. But that has no influence on the actual game.

Video: How to Play French Roulette

Where can you play French roulette ordinary?

Since French Roulette is generally very widespread - especially in Europe - French Roulette can be found almost everywhere, but especially in European casinos. There are usually entire areas in which you can play either French or European roulette. The game is also very popular in online India casinos and there are often several variations of the same game principle in online India casinos. So you can play French roulette for free in many different countries and also online. Often you don't even need money. You can often find casinos on the Internet where you can play French Roulette without money. These are then often either just demo versions of the popular roulette offshoot or normal versions that use play money.

Also as software you will find French roulette everywhere. For example, on the smartphone or for the PC by simply downloading a program. The game is very widespread and can thus be enjoyed as good as everywhere - whether at home or on the go!

As you can see, French Roulette is a tactical offshoot of the popular classic American Roulette. Mainly due to the lack of the double zero, which still occurs in American Roulette today, the game is just as a game of chance could be: random, but fair and very adrenaline-charged. The high availability means that the game can be enjoyed anywhere. If you want to bet on the game and increase your stakes, you can do so, or play or test it for free in one of the many online India casinos. So the opportunities to experience French Roulette are there. You just have to use it!


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last update: July 31, 2020