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Experience the exciting world of online poker for real money

The poker game is so popular because it combines many different factors; Luck, psychology and mathematical thinking. You also climb into the adventure!
Before we talk about real money online poker, let's take a trip back in time. The story of the poker game is not only very old, but also exciting. Already 400 years ago, the first precursors of the popular card game was played, which was called "throbbies" and comes from the French game "Poque". From France, the first records traveled to the USA of the founding time, where you played "poker". For the first time, poker was mentioned in 1805.


Of course, back then the game wasn't as we know it today. In 1850 more action was added to the gameplay by adding the ability to swap cards. A little later, the straight and the flush were developed as winning pndefinedhands. During the Civil War, soldiers played five card stud, because by turning the cards up you made the game more exciting. Seven Card Stud was added later. The variant Texas Hold'em has found its way into gaming rooms since the 1950s. Hold'em is still the most popular pndefinedvariant that is offered in every casino.

Play online poker for real money

Why should you choose real money poker online? Poker is not all about luck. Rather, other skills of the player bring regular gains in the long run. There are many Poker Tricksthat increase the chances of winning. The good poker player doesn't rely on his starting hands but on other things. He pays attention to how many players he is playing against, which characters are gathered at the table, how big the pot is and what the position at the table is.

You can play poker in land-based casinos and poker rooms, but also on the Internet. Many fans of this fantastic game are drawn to both variants because both have their charm and it's hard to say which is more exciting.

But here it should go primarily to the virtual poker game. Therefore, we want to consider the advantages of the online game closer:

  • For the beginner, the online game is certainly the better option, because it can not only play real money poker on the web, but also train his skills with playing money. Many good poker platforms present the rules and offer interesting tutorials.
  • Texas Hold'em is usually played in casinos and poker clubs. You rarely come across other variants such as Omaha, Stud or mixed games such as H.O.R.S.E. It is different on the major poker platforms.
  • In addition to the large selection of variants, there are also many options online when it comes to the size of the stakes. From just a few cents to tournaments that cost a few hundred euros or even more, there is something for every budget.
  • Poker is not always poker. You can play SnGs, MTT or cash games. The number of players and the duration of the blind levels are also very different.

These and many other advantages make real money poker online so attractive.

Choose the right poker provider

who wants to get into the poker world, now has to decide on the best poker platform. Since there are numerous providers, it is difficult to choose. But we want to help you make the best choice. On our website we present many well-known platforms that we also rate. These ratings are of course based on real experiences from real players. Here you can too play blackjack for real money online.

There is always a risk associated with transferring money online. Especially when it comes to poker and gambling platforms, there are still reservations despite all safety and precautionary measures. Therefore, some poker sites offer real money Poker no deposit bonus at. The player can get into real money poker with starting credit without risking his own money. This is a great way to test a platform in real money mode - without any risk. It is worth paying attention to which casinos are offering these bonuses. Some players have already managed to build a good bankroll with a skillful hand.

Best internet casinos for real money poker in 2021

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Captain Cooks 8,2/10 Review 100% up to 100 €
Presenter 9,3/10 Review 100% up to € 200
Casino Cruise 9/10 Review 100% bonus up to € 200 + 200 free spins
Genesis Casino 8,8/10 Review 100% bonus up to € 1000 + 300 free spins

Responsible gaming and safety

Who plays in the casino and likes at the poker table or at Slot Passes the time, must bring a high degree of responsibility. So that playing is fun in the future and does not bring any grief, you should consider the following points:

  • The best real money online poker experience can only be had when you are not under pressure. Therefore, one should never take money to play with that is intended for paying bills. Likewise, you should never borrow money to play.
  • You should never sit down at the virtual poker table if you are emotionally unbalanced. Anger, sadness, disappointment and other negative feelings affect the game to the detriment of the player.
  • If you play, you shouldn't drink. You should also be able to concentrate on the game. Therefore, TV, chats and phones are best switched off.
  • Another important aspect is safety. When choosing the best poker platform, it is important to ensure that it is a licensed provider. Notes on the website can be found. Our reviews also provide support. Anyone who decides to revoke real money should definitely read the terms and conditions to avoid evil surprises and disappointments.

Anyone who pays attention to this advice will experience entertaining sessions.

Experience exciting online poker sessions around the clock

Poker is a game that can be learned in five minutes, but it takes a lifetime to master it. At least that's what experienced players say. But the path from beginner to successful poker player is extremely exciting, and with a little skill it can also fill the wallet.

Author: Manager Amar
last update: June 05, 2019