Poker bonus offers 2020: what to look out for?

Anyone looking for a poker room will certainly not only look at poker bonuses associated with player deposits when making their selection, but are also interested in the poker bonus without deposit. First and foremost, whenever the standard range of games, which mostly consists of Seven Card Stud or Texas Hold'em and the Omaha variant, is completely sufficient. Because this is a simple and effective way to get extra money into your gaming account.

Poker bonus - take the optimum from the poker provider

Almost every provider for Online Poker Welcomes new players with a corresponding poker bonus advantage for new customers. This gives you the opportunity to bring in a relatively simple way in addition to bringing money on your player account, with which your bankroll increases. The bonus offers vary in their sum. While at PokerStars, for example, a poker premium of 100% up to € 600, other poker rooms provide a poker bonus code of only € 200 with a percentage of 100. Other providers, in turn, play their competition with bonus offers for the first account upload by Start credit of € 1,000 or more.

We know from experience that it is the bonus terms and conditions that quickly turn a granted poker bonus into a nuisance. Because it is fought with minimum betting odds, rollover requirements and a time window so that the bonus is ultimately paid out as real money to the player's account.

Below we explain exactly what you have to pay attention to the choice of your poker bonus.

The poker room: Who is behind it and how serious is the provider?

There are already countless online India casinos, but poker is also extremely popular and so it is not particularly surprising that there are more and more poker rooms on the Internet. Fortunately, today it is no longer necessary to go to a casino to play poker straight away; instead, all you need to do is use your PC or smartphone to connect to the poker room and enter the virtual world of poker.

The benefits of poker online are obviously obvious.

  • Available at any time
  • can be used anywhere thanks to mobile apps
  • it's easier to different Poker strategy try online

In addition, the online poker game is flexible thanks to modern software, which makes it easy to create a realistic poker atmosphere.

It is important if you are interested in a specific poker room that it has a valid and valuable license and thus is serious. Unfortunately, there are still some dubious operators in the confusing mass of poker providers. The poker premium providers are legally in the obligation to transparent their licenses and regulations. Another criterion to be considered is the poker bonus and exactly here separates our experience the chaff of wheat. Because it is very fast as if the poker bonus of the operator is made for players or is more likely to work against them.

What does a reasonable bonus have to fulfill? - Our poker bonus checklist

If you decide to poker online, then it is important that you have already decided in advance how much poker money you want to use. Because there are players who put on the table and then forgot their principles and ultimately use more money than planned. Therefore, a poker no deposit bonus that is granted without deposit sounds for many extremely tempting, because after all, you have to do here with a kind of free advantage. Just this advantage allows you to play the first hands for free.

  • Pay attention to sales conditions

    But our comparison for poker bonuses shows that nothing is "for free" and most of the poker boni are bound to very specific conditions. Some of the bonus offers are designed by their sales conditions so that it is rather difficult to partially impossible to implement them, even if everything looks very simple at first glance. Ebal poker new should be clear at the beginning of his poker career.

    But many players enjoy the online poker bonus without deposit. It makes it possible to get poker money for free to get to know the games and test the software. Players who have already gained poker experience can achieve profits with such a poker bonus without deposit - but that's most of the exception.

  • Adhere to the time limits

    As mentioned before, every bonus is linked to certain wagering requirements. Sometimes it is necessary to wager the bonus amount and the first deposit up to 30 times before a refund can be requested. In addition, this requirement is linked to a certain time window in which the condition must be met. Anyone who does not meet the conditions is unlucky, because then the bonus is forfeit.

    As with all contracts, the following applies here: First inform carefully and read the small print to find out how the bonus rules are made up. If they are fair, then a cleverly used no deposit poker bonus is without question very worthwhile.

The first deposit: is a minimum deposit in the online poker bonus?

We distinguish between three types of new customer bonuses:

  • Bonus credit without prior deposit
  • Requested Deposit Poker Bonus
  • Poker bonuses granted only with bonus codes

So there are bonus prizes that are granted after successful registration in the poker room. The amount of such a starting credit is usually 10 to 20 euros. If a deposit is made, it can be made independently, with the PayPal deposit method being one of the most popular. Depending on the bonus offer, the first deposit is doubled or tripled. It is important that you pay attention to whether the provider provides you with the bonus amount directly or whether you are dealing with a pending bonus. This will then be credited to you in parts as soon as you have collected the required points.

The bonus conditions - are they presented transparently?

It should be mentioned that a poker bonus is extremely different from the bonus offers of online India casinos or sports betting providers. While the bonus conditions at online India casinos sometimes represent half a science in order to implement them, the requirements for an online poker bonus are often explained in a few sentences. The only thing in which the bonuses are similar are the keywords of the offers:

  • 100% up to 200 euros or
  • 200% up to 1,200 euros

Occasionally, players will find no deposit bonuses that can be used instantly while playing poker with no deposit required. Most of the time, however, a poker bonus is granted as a match bonus or deposit bonus. In this case, the poker provider pushes your first deposit with a certain percentage. It is advantageous that the bonus advantage does not block your own money, since in this case the bonus is not credited immediately as it is only available virtually. Basically, the motto in online poker rooms is "play first and then you get the bonus as real money".

For the game and tournament fees, the provider distributes points and the moment when a certain score is reached, part of the bonus amount is credited. However, it is important in this cover to throw a close look into the bonus regulations, because the providers differ in this regard. One of the important questions you need to find an answer includes:

  • What value does a point have? In our experience there are different calculation systems here. Make sure what amount of game fees you have to achieve so you get a point.
  • How many points have to be reached first in order to receive one euro in real money? You can calculate your mathematical rakeback using the conversion factor. Values between 23 and 28% represent the best bonus offers.
  • In which steps does the provider pay? The cheapest is when paid in small denominations. You do not have anything if you first have to earn several hundred euros before it comes to a rebooking. A best poker provider pays out in 10's steps.

It should also be noted that many poker providers set a time window in which you have to play the bonus amount. However, there are some poker rooms that do without it. But beware, because it can be a stumbling trap, because it is certainly not ruled out that you get the complete bonus only paid off, if you fully fulfill the bonus specifications. If you request a premature profit break, then just the premium will be deleted, but also the earned profits are gone.

This design of the poker bonus has the advantage that you can let go of the game and do not have to deal with the frameworks. Because here you get the bonus credits automatically and you should not play the entire bonus in the given time, then that's not tragic. For the capital you have already released, you may of course keep.

The functionality of the bonus codes with and without deposit

Every now and then you will find a bonus code that, depending on the provider, has to be entered during registration or the deposit. In our experience, the more common variant is the input during registration. By entering the bonus code you unlock special poker bonus offers. If the code is only required when topping up your account, there is a special field in which you can enter the bonus code. But now many of the poker providers do without such a code.

In the case, the processes are automated and you just have to follow the specified steps.

Our conclusion to the poker bonus: Not every bonus offer is worth it

Many offers make an attractive impression, but if you throw a close look at it, they are not so appealing and player-friendly anymore. For this reason, you should never apply blindly a poker bonus just because the bonus amount is extremely attractive. For elucidation, a deep look at the sales specifications and the bonus period.

Unfortunately, it always shows that a bonus can certainly be a stumbling trap, if you call yourself. Then it can happen more often that you lose money instead of getting out of the game as Winner.

Our last tip: Stay away from bonus offers that make a spongy impression. Here you should first appeal to customer support and let you explain the bonus conditions exactly.

The most important questions and answers about the poker bonus

So far we have already explained everything important to you about the poker bonus. Now let's briefly revisit five of the most important questions that come up again and again when it comes to poker bonuses.

  • Is it possible to activate or use multiple poker bonuses with one provider?

    As a rule, a welcome bonus is designed in the online poker rooms such that you only receive it once. Double or multiple registrations or activations of the bonus are not tolerated and the providers punish this with the blocking of the account.

  • I forgot to enter the bonus code during registration - what now?

    For some poker providers, entering the bonus code is binding. That means if you forgot the entry or used a wrong code, then you will not receive the hoped for poker bonus. Therefore, make sure that you know all the important information necessary in advance to activate the respective bonus.

  • Can a bonus credit be unlocked in demo mode?

    No, because a poker bonus is always with the Real money game connected.

  • What happens if the bonus period is exceeded?

    The bonus period indicates the time window in which the bonus is to be released. If you exceed this time window, you are no longer entitled to the bonus. In addition, not only will the bonus be deleted from your account, but also any profit generated with it.

  • How do I best use a poker bonus code?

    There is certainly no shame in taking advantage of the bonus offers available from multiple sites, as long as the bonus terms and conditions are appealing. If you do it right, you can use several pages within a year and earn a bonus amount in the four-digit range. This is certainly a lot of money, but a lot of experience and skill are required for such an approach.

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last update: November 27, 2020

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