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Manipulate slot machines - does it work?

Experienced gamblers know it, the rumors and instructions that keep circulating on the Internet about how it is possible to manipulate slot machines. Some of these slot machine tricks say that enough money must be risked to make a profit. Other tricks and tips recommend downloading specific software.

At this point we would like to point out that it is illegal to manipulate money from slot machines. This applies to games in offline game libraries as well as in virtual arcades. In addition, it is actually not possible to crack the machines, because after all, all slot machines are games of chance and, as is known, their outcome cannot be influenced.

But in this article, we would like to go closer to automatic tricks and explain what slot machines work Tricks 2021 and which are not.

How is the manipulation of money makers possible?

We are sure that you have landed on our OnlineCasinomitsStartArtStartAhr.org, as you are looking for either tips and tricks or after a strategy with which you can increase your own chance of winning. Below we go closer to the following topics:

  • How is it possible to exploit bugs?
  • How is a Bluetooth slot machine hacked?
  • Is manipulation via software or mobile phone software possible?
  • Are there any secret apps with which the slot machines can be manipulated?
  • Are there instructions for manipulating slot machines with magnets or mobile phones?
  • Do trick books with instructions for influencing the winning opportunities?
  • Is it even possible to manipulate or outsmart the slot machine games?

Before we go into everything in more detail, we would like to point out that there are quite a few machine tricks. We are talking about tricks here, as the word slot machine manipulation leaves a rather negative impression and many suspect an illegal and therefore criminal background behind it.

Vending machines were manipulated decades ago! In terms of newspapers and also on the Internet, the reports have been held for years that slot machines were hacked. To be more specific: this has been the case for over 50 years. In the past, players from India, Austria and Switzerland could easily flick out slot machines, for example, by manipulating the machine with a magnet. But today it just doesn't work anymore to outsmart a slot machine.

Slot machines trickle with magnet, Bluetooth or mobile phone - is that possible?

Sometimes the rumor is still circulating that it is possible to manipulate with a magnet vending machine. But that just does not work and online is no instructions for this. If you still find it, then we can guarantee you that this is a fake.

If a magnet is actually used to manipulate a slot machine game, then this is not a trick, but simply manipulation. That is precisely not legal, as you are acting directly on the casino machine with the magnet. Automatic games are today controlled by state-of-the-art software and therefore this trick does not promise any success. In addition, you certainly do not want to be caught with a magnet in the game library or casino - that is a house ban.

Hack a machine with mobile phone software, bluetooth and map color app

Much more interesting is the answer to the question of whether you can manipulate a slot machine with a mobile phone. Have you ever played in a game library? Have you wondered why there is a strict mobile phone ban there? We'll explain it to you.

From a smartphone, a radiation in the Megahertz range is broadcast (between 1,800 and 2,000 MHz). This is the frequency on which automatic games work. That's exactly why it's possible to manipulate them with the phone and why the operators pronounce the smartphone ban.

Certainly laypeople can't imagine much about it and ask themselves how it should be possible to outsmart a machine with your mobile phone. When it comes to slot machine tricks or slot machine manipulation, then you will inevitably hit the card colors app. Here comes the radiation into the game, because this app takes advantage of this as well as the radiation of Bluetooth and WLAN. The app tells the card colors through its intelligent and secret connection with the slot. This slot machine is possible Trick at Mercury card risk, which is activated after each profit.

Is there a tutorial on how to trick a machine by wire?

In our research on this article, we have always encountered in forums on the question of whether there are tricks where the game can be manipulated with a wire. We found some instructions, but they can not work. The reason is that the machines in the gambling halls have a too complex technique than a wire would be sufficientto trick him out and thus intervene in the system.

In addition, these dubious tricks are of course illegal and above all not very promising. Because our common sense tells us that it is not exactly inconspicuous if one of the slot machine games is tinkered with in the game library. We therefore advise everyone: You should not make yourself liable to prosecution for an attempt that will ultimately not bring you success.

In addition, you should get a further fact in mind: the casinos, be it offline or online, still deserve a lot of money to your customers and that is an indication that there is no way to manipulate the winning cycle of slot machines. That would be the case, then anyone who knows the current tricks 2021, stone-rich and the casinos and gambling halls would be destitute.

Manipulating slot machines with mobile phones - “phreaking”

We had already addressed a possibility how to hack vending machines using an app. We would like to talk about it again, aligned against the background of reports that showed that the machine games in the playclothes had a software-technical gap used to use the residual gambler. On this gap, the players have come through random, as the smartphones indicated an available Bluetooth connection and thus started a sensational scam.

This is the "phreaking", in which the mobile phone is searched for an infrared diode in the machine. The position of the diode is then sent to software that, in the best case scenario, recognizes the player as the administrator. Such a slot machine trick sounds great, doesn't it?

However, the first thing to do was to get this software and the operators and manufacturers also recognized the gap very quickly, with the result that they redesigned the machines. Such a cheat should no longer work today. It might even still work on some slots, but if you should try then you should be aware that trying to do so is a criminal offense.

So to the question: Manipulating slot machines with mobile phones - does it work? No! It does not matter what type of machine it is. The crux of the matter is as follows: even if there is a short-term bug that makes it possible to increase profits, the machine operators or providers will fix it quickly. This happens long before anyone can even report about it in an online forum. It is virtually impossible that a slot machine can be outwitted with tricks like this.

Manipulation with the shaft claw

Even today there are persistent rumors that the forefather of all slot machines tricks and scams were criminal gangs who went into the gambling halls to use new methods to hack slot machines and thus loot them.

The result of these frauds: only a few cases are known in which the scammers were pursued and sentenced. The reason was that they were already over all mountains until it was struck. It was a hopeless undertaking. However, there are many legal tricks and tips to increase its own winning opportunities, such as the Bonus promotions in online gambling halls.

One of the most famous cases was known in the US 90s. At that time, Tommy Glen built Carmichael a device called a Monkey Pawwith which he could penetrate through the payout shaft in the slot. The device triggered the switch of the payout mechanism and he only had to collect the coins.

Then the manufacturers built the slot machines, but Carmichael managed to make this improved device with a kind of tab. He bothered with her the circuit of the machine and so artificially delivered money, which he had to pay off. Even with the help of strong light flashes he could chop a slot machine. Ultimately, he was transferred from the FBI.

Slot machines with a jammer or Emp Jammer outlines

For the modern player who wants to chop a slot machine, the mobile phone is the most important tool. While the old hackers used a magnet or wire to manipulate the mechanics of slot machines, jammers are used today.

Many slot machines have Bluetooth and that is precisely what gives them the opportunity to outsmart them and gain advantages. The EMP jammers are particularly worth mentioning in this context, where the abbreviation EMP stands for electromagnetic impulses. These jammers are available as transmitters from which the electrical circuits of the slot machine games are to be disrupted. For example, there is the Novoline AH Deluxe Hack App (AH-D-Hack), it is very popular.

Online can be found in addition to kits, instructions and video tutorials even shops that these are sold and where the use is explained. In part, the sputtering transmitters are installed in cigarette boxes. But the times of misery are over, because today the fraudsters use mobile phone software and apps to influence the profit cycle of the slot machines.

Pulling out the inserted coin

This trick is already a legend. The coin is tied to a thread so that it can be pulled out again through the coin slotafter the machine has detected the insertion of the coin. This trick was tested not only on machine games but also countless cigarette machines.

At first he was even successfully applied, but after a short time security mechanisms were installed, which made it impossible to pull out the thrown coin again.

The secret casino trick books

You may also have encountered portals in your search for a helpful cheat, trick or tip, which offer a slot machine trickbook in which the secret slot machine tricks are described. Of course, such a book is not freeBut on the contrary, it beats with some euros to beech.

After the payment has been made, the buyer receives a download link to download the PDF document, which is often no more than ten pages. It goes straight to the point, with no introduction or digression, such as:

Overview with definitions and conceptual declarations in which terms such as "autoplay" or abbreviations such as "1 x 50 cents" are explained. Then it goes on with a list of application sequences to help with all money makers to get into the "profit cycle", ie for the payout phase. Dozens of possibilities are presented here, such as:

To start 12 € - 4 Spins A 0,50 € Play, then 1 € spins in the startup feature. That is, it should be absorbed to 12 €. Then open any game and perform four twists with 0.50 € each. After then, run startup with 1 € and the profit cycle is reached. Similar combinations are offered to achieve the free spins.

But it can be even wilder, for example with the risk-trick instructions that are sure to make a profit. This is about hidden tone sequences in the sound of the risk ladder or about the direct march through by simply holding down the risk button.

Our conclusion to the trick books: They leave behind a rollercoaster of emotions, because here the “authors” show a lot of creativity when it comes to inventing slot machine tips.

The Winning Cycle: How Can I Tell If a Slot Machine Is “Hot” or “Cold”?

No matter what tricks you use to play in a vending machine - many casino customers swear not only to the right tactics, but also on a careful selection of slot machines.

Let's forget the question of how you can crack a slot machine, but we turn to a tactic based on the assumption that the machines will be influenced by a certain profit cycle. Because there should be time points in which the slots better pay out than to others. Is it possible to determine or see through this payout time? Because then they can theoretically win in which they play the right slot machine at the right time.

There are two theories for this trick - or let's say guesswork, since it has not been proven to work:

  • There are players who are playing exclusively at the money makers, which are "hot" at this time. Pay for example Starburst If the customer is just paying a high profit and the customer leaves the machine, it is assumed that there is still more to be picked up. So this slot is chosen and played in order to then bring in further winnings with appropriate tips.
  • Other casino customers are of the opinion that after a high payout, the probability is rather low and therefore strongly decreases to earn further lucrative payouts. For this very reason, they only choose the slot machines where nothing or very little was previously won. According to their theory, the slot is "due" and that means it should pay out a large profit very soon or activate free spins. That is why the advocates of this strategy only play a slot when the previous player has waited in vain for winnings or free spins.

What is the profit cycle exactly?

We have talked about the winning cycle so often and have gone into many tricks and manipulation possibilities - but what is that anyway: the winning cycle?

This is the crucial factor whether or not you succeed in a slot machine. On the day every machine game goes through several cycles And sometimes determine if many profits are distributed or only a few payouts come. Surely you have also played at a slot once hours and the profits have shown more in the lower area.

This phase is referred to as a profound phase or as "eating money", because here the game swallows a lot of money to pay it out in the high phase. This means that the machines go through two cycles: the high and the trunk phase, whereby the low phase takes much longer, because otherwise the operators could close soon.

Now many believe that the slot machine only goes through two phases, but this is only partially correct, because there are definitely ways to influence the slot machine so that it gets into the peak phase faster. There are even game strategies with which the payout percentages of the machine can be influenced and this is nothing other than the winning cycle of the slot.

Secret keyboard shortcuts and cheats for slot machines

There are hardly any electromechanical gaming devices left and therefore the protective mechanisms that are contained in the slot machines are difficult to crack in this direction and if so, at best only with insider knowledge. Therefore, the trend is more towards manipulating slot machines with mobile phone software.

But here we would like to explain in advance that the appropriate specialist knowledge or insider information must be available. For example, the standard chips that are built into many electronic devices represent a target for attack. However, manipulation is only possible here in the future if the structure and function of the entire circuit is known.

After a major coup in this direction, new software was installed on the machines, which had an impact on the profit distribution. However, this did not go unnoticed and a raid broke out in which the suspects were arrested. The prosecution did not disclose exactly how the fraud was dealt with.

The skillful type is a certain key combination. In that case, the machine can be unattended and be fed by other players without it noticeable. Later, the cheater then comes back to the decocate. Even due to the monitoring by camera, a keyboard shortcut is inconspicuous than technical interventions that are recognized faster through the staff. Of course, there is also a disadvantage: the video recordings show easily the key combination.

The exploitation of obvious bugs

Every now and then it is not necessary to be a computer expert when it comes to cracking gambling machines and have so unjustified profits. The software of the slot machines is becoming increasingly complex and thus increases the risk that it comes to unwanted malfunction.

Surely you know the annoying bugs that your PC or smartphone is sometimes affected. These are usually only small problems, which can then be corrected by the restart of the app or the software - even if often only temporary. It is annoying if the system freezes or crashes. Even on critical sites, bugs can occur and If such a mistake is specifically reproduced, then the possibility for further manipulation offers with regard to the behavior of the software.

Incidentally, this is the usual way to take the hacker when it comes to the vending machine - you find the errors in the software that make it possible to insert your own code and execute it.

However, these bugs can also be inconspicuous and still cause a lot of damage. This was the case, for example, with a Merkur slot and also with a roulette machine. In the latter case, the stake was credited back to the player account when several bets were placed at the same time (via touch control) and the cancel button was pressed, although it also remained on the tableau. This made it possible for the players to play without your own financial risk and earn decent profits.

But such bugs do not stay unrecognized long and they can even be fatal to the player. As a rule, the statement is that one had no knowledge, not accepted by the court. Also the argument that it is the own fault of the machine display does not draw. It is considered in game banks and online India casinos as fraud and is punishable and this is true for the attempt. If such a bug will notice, it is recommended to immediately inform the staff or customer support.

The modern slot machines tricks today - the scam at the players

There are not only players looking for slot machine tricks 2021 to manipulate a slot machine with tricks or cheats in order to make quick money - which we can only advise against. Rather There is also the scam to the players.

This does not mean the operators of the gambling halls and virtual scores, which due to their regulation have no opportunity to cheat at all, but the providers of "guarantees secure profit strategies", as they are to be found online again and again. The owner of the "Holy Grail for Tesafere Profits" is so adorable and voluntary to share his knowledge for free or against a small fee or profit sharing with them. Surely a very classy gesture, but this has a simple background: good faith you want to turn her off!

Onto these portals is not even covered before, officially asserting that it is possible to achieve 100% secure profits through software manipulation. According to their statement, such slot machine tricks are only one reason legal: the computer fraud takes place in an online India casino, where he is not a criminal offense. This statement is then even confirmed by lawyers.

To underline all of this, there are videos with impressive payouts or it is shown how it is possible to win spin after spin on a machine.

Benefits from bots

Also offering bots is a popular mesh. These are small programs that play automatically and who then exploit the "weak points in the random generator". Here we can assure you that these programs only bet randomly and have no influence on the chances of winning the game.

In addition, the random number generators are under the constant supervision of the casinos as well as the regulatory authorities from which the operator is licensed. Payout analyzes are carried out at regular intervals - mostly every month - and by then at the latest the fraud would become apparent.

How do I outsmart online slot machines?

From the basic idea, the method by which Tommy G. Carmichael manipulated the slot machines in Las Vegas was quite simple. But now a question arises: How do I outsmart slot machines that I play online?

A short look back to 2011, when a noticeable number of Novomatic slot machines paid out high winnings. Even after an intensive check, the technicians were unable to detect any manipulation. Apparently the scammers had learned to recognize the patternswhich indicated a larger payout. These slots had a PRNG (pseudo-random number generator) and not a real random number generator (RNG / random number generator).

They probably invested a lot of time in specifically analyzing and logging the millions of results. They found out that a timestamp is used in determining the game result. With the help of a cell phone and a data center, they were able to predict which of the machines was likely to pay out.

The trick here: The player films a series of games with his mobile phone and sends the video for analysis. The technology department then loads some time stamps onto the player's cell phone and a special slot machine hack app that can be downloaded ensures that the cell phone vibrates at the precise moment when the PNRG is likely to pay a high profit.

This system worked so well that it was possible for a single scammer to collect up to $ 10,000 in a day. A team of four was able to steal a quarter of a million dollars a week - until the people involved were arrested in 2014. In 2017 there were rumors for a while about alleged system errors in the Merkur Magic amusement arcades. There it should have been possible to exchange free spins for a full screen.

There has been no publicly known fraud in online gambling halls since 2011. The reason is The leading software manufacturers invest a lot of time and money to keep their games free of manipulation and program them accordingly. In addition, they regularly have their software tested for functionality by leading companies such as eCOGRA Or iTech Labs.

Another point comes to this why a fraud attempt with online slot machines is quasi impossible: the permanent monitoring of the games. If there are irregularities in terms of high or frequent profits, the internal systems hit alarm and within a few minutes the game is stopped. Then there is an investigation and should the investigators recognize manipulated slot machines, the payment of the profits is denied. In addition, a criminal proceedings must be expected.

Now, if you're going to commit a manipulation and just give a fantasy name, then there is also a disappointment, because before major payouts, a verification of the player (KYC - Know Your Customer) takes place with identity card and current supply. So you see: so or so, in the online India casino nobody can win with fraud.

Valuable tips for slot machine games - which tips make sense?

Many readers are sure to ask: How do you win at the slot machine? If we ignore all the attempts at fraud and manipulation, there are quite a few tips and tricks with which it is possible to win at slot machines. Without question, many of them are not helpful, but there are some tips and strategies that can be used. Finally, we would like to give you some pieces of advice that are sure to help you. The list is not exhaustive, but further articles provide more detailed information.

How do you win at slot machines? - Tricks that actually work

As already said, it does not really work to manipulate slot machines, but there is one or the other tip on how to enjoy your time online gambling. We must admit that these methods do not work without a proper serving of luck:

  • Play for free and try the slot in demo mode
  • Play with all paylines and low missions
  • Adjust the use of the gameplay
  • Choose slot machines with high RTP
Slot Provider RTP
Jackpot Jester NextGen 99,9%
Jokerizer Yggdrasil 98%
White Rabbit Big Time Gaming 97,72%
Wild Play Super Bet NextGen 97,46%
Texas Tea Igt 97,35%
Eye of Horus Mercury 96,31%
Mega Fortune NetEnt 96,4%

We also have advice that can also bring profits:

  • Jackpot Slots basically play with the peak set, as long as the view has fallen to the maximum jackpot. Also satisfy with a lower jackpot, can be played with a low use.
  • Play a few rounds to see if the machine is "hot". The change to another slot can help improve the chances of winning.
  • Use Casino Bonus Offers! Especially due to such offers The virtual play halls popular. With the help of the “free” credit or the free spins you can put your luck to the test and possibly take away lucrative winnings. However, it is important here to meet the bonus conditions first before a withdrawal is possible. Therefore, first inform about the wagering requirements!
  • Manage the missions! It is particularly important that you keep track of your credit balance. So you are not tempted or even thought to manipulate the slot machine and, for example, to use the slot machine 2 Euro trick. Create a money management system and consider how best to choose your stakes. It is also important that you think about how high your loss limit should be and how much you want to deposit as a maximum per month. These are just two of many important questions before you start playing in the online India casino.
  • Use the customer service! If you are unclear about a bonus offer or how a game works, the support staff will be happy to help.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can I manipulate the slot machines and so crack the jackpot?
To make it short: No! Although the Internet always circulates such rumors, but the fact is that a manipulation of machines is hardly possible. In addition, the gameplay is checked for irregularities. If there are abnormalities, the casino reserves the right to expose the payment.
Can I influence the result of slot machines?
All slot machines and slots are based on the principle of random number generator (Random Number Generator, RNG). In this case, numerals are generated randomly, which form the basis for the score. An influence or manipulation is not possible.
Is there a strategy I can use to win more at slots?
In contrast to manipulation, which are a criminal offense and prohibited, strategies can be used very well. By varying missions, playing on all paylines and testing the slots in demo mode you can get an advantage.
Are there slots or slot machines where you win more often than others?
The payouts of a casino game depend on the RTP and volatility. The RTP (return to player or payout rate) indicates how much of the inserts are distributed to profits, while volatility represents an indicator of the risk. Machines with low volatility are more common, but lower sums, while at low volatility slots is exactly reversed.
Author: Manager Amar
last update: December 31, 2020

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