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Of course, poker has found the way into the online India casinos after a at least 400-year-old story and is very in demand, especially as you can try various variants with various poker tips on a place.

Normally a lot of human knowledge is used in this card game to “read” the opponent's face, what his hand or his reaction might look like. With that we are already At a significant point, which distinguishes the online game from the land-based poker, because here you have to support much more on its basic knowledge or an effective poker strategy. Our experts have broken down the following various pndefinedtips for beginners and also incapable players to create a general overview.

Some well-known and popular poker variants

Whether in India, Austria, Switzerland or worldwide, there are various poker variants, some of which have become very popular. As a result, different poker strategies have of course come into circulation. Here are the most popular poker variants at a glance:

Texas Hold’em

Each player receives 2 cards, the so-called hole cards. In several rounds, 5 community cards are finally revealed, 3 of which together with the players' card hands form the last highest possible combination. More follows below.


The label stands for 5 poker variants summarized here: Texas Holder / Orest (hi / lo) / Razz/ Seven Card Stud/ Seven Card Stud – Eight or Better.

This brings a lot of variety to the poker table, but also a wide range of game can and flexibility is also required by the player. - The order is not fixed, but mostly in the consequence of the letters is played and started with Texas Hold'em. When is rotated, it is set in the rules of the casino, usually some hands of each variant have to be played, there is a temporal limit or you change after a round of the dealer buttons.

A game for experts, because mastering 5 poker variants is not that easy.


Omaha works like Texas Hold'em with the difference that the player receives 4 cards face down and the best poker hand is made up of 2 player cards and 3 of the five community cards.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker has only been on the market for about 25 years and was invented in the United States. Players only play against the dealer, not against each other. In this strategically demanding game, 2 hands are formed from 7 cards, one with five cards (high hand) and one with 2 cards (low hand), whereby the high hand must be better in value. There is a joker in the game that is used for a few combinations, otherwise it counts like ace. A few ratings of card combinations differ from other known poker variants.

It wins the player whose both hands are the best. If every player win only with one hand, the profit is shared. Important online poker tips are among other things: 1. Always divide two couples on the two hands. 2. FULL HOUSE should be avoided, because although the 5's hand is well served, you get a good combination with the 2's hand. 3. If you have two triplets from higher drilling a few in the low hand. - Even with this poker game, you should thoroughly consolidate its base to know how to venture games at real money.

Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud is a challenging variant of poker, modern and not particularly suitable for beginners. - All players have to pay an ante, in the first round there are two face down and one face up card. Then a second open card is distributed to a maximum of 9 players. 2nd round: The one with the best combination of the open cards makes the announcement, then the third open card is dealt. 3rd round: Runs like the second round, at the end the remaining players receive their last open card. 4th round: After the final run there is still a face down card for each player and the showdown follows. - In Seven Card Stud, in the event of a tie, the color also counts as the decider in the order of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.

Five Card Draw

For this purpose, there are several variants, in the best known every player receives 5 hidden cards. Call, Raise and Fold are used in a first round. Then the remaining players decide if they want to keep all their 5 cards or swap one or more. The number of interchangeable cards is dependent on the rules of the poker room. In another round, there are again inserts and the winner gets the pot. - Video Poker machines often work with the Five Card Draw variant.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker was built in 1994 when in the US was trying to mix the exciting poker with the speed of other games. Again, only played against the dealer. The player receives 3 cards, the deviating rating states that road is better than flush and drilling better than street. A variant for impatient players who want to come to the goal quickly. You can also play draws and overall the rules are to be learned quickly.

Each player has 3 fields of application in front of him Ante, Play and Pair Plus, an additional bet you win if you have at least a few (whether the dealer wins or loses. Play and Pair Plus can be played either simultaneously or individually, depending on the simultaneous or individually Rules of the casino. After the request payment, the player gets his three cards and decides whether he plays or not (Fold). For play he puts a mission on Play and thus bets that he has better cards than the dealer. After that makes it the dealer visible his cards. To be playable, he needs a lady or higher cards. If this is not the case, win all players who did not fit. A special feature is the ante bonus the player gets when he gets a good one Hat from the road upwards, whether he finally wins or not. At a draw, the player gets back and play back.

Poker tips for Three Card are: 1. Fold carefully as the dealer has to qualify. 2. If you have 1 card that is smaller than Queen and the other two cards are smaller than 6 and 4, you should fold. Queen 6 or higher is played. 3. Simply playing every hand with good luck is unwise, because statistically this doubles the house edge. - A quick and easy game that has gained a lot of fans.

No matter which variant you decide, there are some basic knowledge and poker strategies that should already follow the beginner so as not to pay too much apprenticeship. Although poker is one of the random-driven gambling games, but is still one of the few, which can be mastered by certain tactics, so there are many professionals who make money with this game.

Tips and strategy prevent poker mistakes

Nobody is born a professional poker player and mistakes are made all the time. But if you can avoid such mistakes or improve your gaming behavior through initial learning and poker tips and tricks, you should grab it, the rest then brings the experience:

  • As a beginner you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules, but also with various poker variants, in order to determine your own favorites. So you play poker with even more joy and commitment.
  • Recognizing bad starting hands is one of the things that comes from experience. For this you have to take part in a round with not so good cards. But if you know that the starting hand is not at all promising, it would be better to fold, i.e. end the game.

Playing tight is a style of game with promising starting hands. For Texas Hold'em, the variant most often used in tournaments, these include:

  1. Pair - Of course, the height of the couple is crucial here. You either win with a good couple (2x ass, kings or ladies), or you get an extra card from the board (which at Hold'em 5 open community cards), however, only 1x of 9 experiments succeed. At low pairs, the risk is greater and this starting hand is considered very differently, the trend usually not supports playing. Since Bluffen is only possible in the live casino when playing online, this possibility is also eliminated at vending machines.
  2. 2 high cards - Such a starting hand can be played, but is not considered particularly good. If they are consecutive like queen and king you should play, it is not recommended if they are apart.
  3. High-low starting hand - Here, the decision depends on whether many or a few players are at the start. The fewer players, the more weight gets the high card, with which one goes. Constellations such as King / Bube to 9 or Lady / 10 to 9 are mediocre opportunities while king / 8 to 2 or bube / 9 to 2 should be stored.
  4. Suited Connectors - This designation stands for two consecutive cards of the same color as a bube heart and 10 hearts, or 8 and 7 cross. The constellation is seductive, but one should remember that a flush with 5 equal colors is not easy to reach, while 1 or 2 pairs are possible, but not the actual goal. At high cards like ass and lady heart worth a try. At Suited Connectors, the goal is to look at the flop with little use, so as maybe clear well. If the flop does not bring a good position, you can still give up without much loss.

Generally speaking, Poker a lot of patience asked. The most common beginner mistake is that you absolutely want to perceive any chance to miss only no big pot. This usually takes place a wrong assessment of the starting hand. Statistics states that there are 167 starting hands, but of which only 20% are considered well playable.

Come on boredom because you can only play a few hands, you should use this time of exposure to watch the other players and their behaviors to learn from it.

The position of the player at the table often gives the rash in certain situations. An error is to completely neglect you in your own online poker strategy.

You can already see that the way to a good game of poker cannot be covered in an hour. In any case, you should be patient and see the errors mentioned above and many others that can also appear as a lesson. The saying "Practice makes perfect" could well come from a poker player.

Poker tips for beginners

For all beginners who have already met a fundamental online poker strategy and poker tricks as well as other interesting facts, here again a few things to which everyone should think about the question "How to Win Online Poker?" To answer a little:

  • Poker is already offered online on many sites for a wide variety of player groups. As a beginner, you should first look for a page that is not dominated by professionals so that the gaming experience fails as positive as possible.
  • Also Bonusiancics of casinos should be taken into account, because this way you can often double your deposit. You should always know and comply with the bonus rules, otherwise you risk losing the bonus and the resulting profits. Appropriate Casinos with deposit bonus can be found on play-online-casino.in.
  • Of course, the choice of poker variant should already be done. Anyone who is insecure should begin with the most popular and widespread variant, namely Texas Hold'em.
  • There are different types of games, whereby the newcomer should start with cash games, also called ring games. Here you can sit down at the table with a predetermined smaller amount of money. The blinds are not raised and you can fold at any time.

MTT are multi-table tournaments for several tables and STT or Sit’n ’Go tournaments require a fixed amount for participation, whereby prizes are usually paid out for the first 3 places.

Tournaments and cash games are rated in poker based on buy-in. Freerolls are free. So you don't just have to weigh your skills but also your budget in order to find a suitable game. Limits are given as NL2, 4, 10, etc., which corresponds to the monetary value of 0.02, 0.04 or 0.10 euros, with the buy-in for our example being 2, 4 or 10 euros. There are rules of thumb for cash games that say where you should start with what bankroll. Example: For budgets of less than 100, 250, 500 or 1250 euros, you start with NL2, NL4, NL10 or NL25.

Overall, a considered, forward-looking management of the budget is always the order of the day in order to stay in the game for a long time and with pleasure. Anyone who plays high risk runs the risk of losing everything quickly and thus not being able to gain experience in many games.

If you play both cash games and a tournament, you should have separate budgets. This makes it easier to see where improvements are needed.

The poker player also has to learn to live with losses. Like wins and exciting rounds, they are part of the game. Those who accept losses and do not lapse into emotional and hectic actions in order to balance everything through higher stakes (tilt) have already made a big step towards professional games. Bad beats can hit anyone, which should never lead to a tilt. Anyone who notices that they react too negatively emotionally to losses should rather take a break and then go back to work with more relaxation.

You can also use auxiliary programs to improve your own game, which are mostly forbidden in poker rooms, but help with training games to get close to the perfect game.

In free demo versions, each player can do its experiences, without financial risk, to expand its knowledge and implement poker tips. So you expand his tactics to ultimately win live.

Texas Holdem, known and popular, with various poker tricks

As already mentioned, Texas Hold'em has become the most widely played poker variant over the years. Nevertheless, this game cannot be called easy and you have to pay attention to some Texas Holdem tips and one or the other Texas Holdem strategy in order to play successfully, especially as a beginner:

Play tight is particularly appropriate in Texas Hold'em. This tactic of only playing with really good starting hands is quieter and has less bluff potential, which makes it particularly suitable for beginners.

Preflop - The time before the flop, in which 3 board cards are designed openly, contrary to the view of many beginners, are extremely important for various decisions, although you have only a few information available. Here, the foundation for the best possible situation in the game is placed in order to successfully survive future rounds and their course. To be considered are:

  1. The starting hand - We have already discussed this point above. The rating will get better and better with increasing experience.
  2. The position of the player at the table - This is preflop, as important as the starting hand. Basically, every round is a dealer (card encoder), which is marked by a button, which is passed clockwise. The more players have to act before a self, the more info you get from the course. So if you are sitting at the front, you should have a good leaf. The two players to the left of the dealer are small blind and big blind and need to set a small and large forced use. Follow the early and middle positions (number depending on the amount of participants, with few participants these positions fall away) and the late positions, the cut-off and the button, which is closed by the circle.
    Examples of preflop poker tactics: 2 kings in middle position and there was a raise beforehand = you have a good hand and can even raise. / KT (king and one card down to 10) is not a particularly good hand. But if you are in late position and many opponents have already been eliminated, you could only pay the blind and continue. / Cut-off and the dealer are the last in the round to have an extremely strong position and can read so much from the reactions of the previous players that they can even risk a risky maneuver (e.g. after checks) or give up after a strong raise. / If you open in early position with 99 (a speculative hand) and then raise 3x or more of the blind, you should fold.
  3. The skill level of the other participants Here you can recognize his possibilities and limits and must decide whether one is ready to face the skill of a better player. You can change anytime to other tables when it runs well and try there more tips for experienced players.
  4. How do the opponents behave in front of my turn - Through this observation one is able to recognize once when it is time to get out. This fact is as important as to continue with a good sheet, because real exit is an essential part of the profit strategy. Bad poker players are often bad because they do not folding or late. Here saves money can later be better used in promising situations for aggressive attack.
  5. Short Stack Strategie (SSS) - If you only have a small budget available, Short Stack plays. You can not make any complex and cost-intensive varieties and at least 7 opponents should be at the table, of which not more than 2 also play SSS. The goal is to shop with a few chips and then in early positions only strong hands, in the middle positions also middle hands and in late positions also weaker hands to play as aggressive as possible. It is relatively fast and easy before the flop into the all-in, whereby the profit rate is relatively low. Since you do not have to make any decisions after the flop, you can not do much there. If you have generated 25% profit, you leave the table and start the next.

The great advantage of seeing the cards on the flop and thus determining better chances for your hand is lost with the short stack. So as a beginner you lose the chance to become a better poker player. With more strategies you will have more success in the long run and you will simply develop further. So short stack can be described as a dubious pleasure that may bring low income in the short term, but in the long term prevents both the interesting learning process and profitable games.

After the flop - Mistakes on or after the flop are often more serious than pre-flop, because they are amplified in the following betting rounds and can be expensive. The wrong assessment of your own hand can be just as fatal as a lack of aggressiveness, which is required with a semi bluff, even if you only have one promising hand. The evaluation of the odds is an immensely important point, without which hands are often played over and the player can end up losing the whole stack. Again, it shows that patience and good preparation are essential for a successful poker player. You can find a lot of necessary information on our site.

Heads-Up Spiel - This is a trend that is increasing more and more at the moment, in 2019, and a poker strategy in the online India casino variant no-limit hold'em that is popular. Heads-up means a 1: 1 fight player against player. The game is particularly aggressive and loose, that is, not only with the best cards hands, and if you are lucky you will catch a player who is inferior to you. An ante and odds bet are placed.

Dealer and player each receive 2 cards, the dealer's of course remain hidden. Depending on the hand of cards, the player has the option of raising (3x ante) or sliding (raise or check). After this first betting round, as always, 3 community cards are revealed (flop). If the player checked in the first round, he can either check again or raise with a double ante bet. After this second round, the two other community cards are revealed (turn and river).

If the player has pushed twice or checked him now 2 options: 1. He increases at least in the amount of the ante insert or 2. It fits (Fold) and loses.

If he decides for Raise, that is the conclusion of the third round of work and the dealer shows his starting cards. Both players make the best 5 sheet combination from their card hand and community cards. Here, too, the first card hand is crucial as the starting point. The rest of the game is determined by experience in setting and also by luck.

Only gambling? - Online Poker Tricks create professional rounds

What you can learn from this article is that learning never stops and words like "never" and "always" have almost no meaning when it comes to poker strategy and poker tricks. Online Poker offers fast access to many variants also the advantage of the free game. Here are riskless infinite resources are offered to try any desired strategy and any interesting trick. So you learn and improves with its poker skills steadily without having to pay too much apprenticeship.

The reader will find all of this on our site and can work on his progress bit by bit.

It is important to always remember the base rules, to preserve patience and stamina and remain in balance with his game behavior. Lost rounds should not be regarded as a blam and loss, but as a way to the goal and part of the whole. Who holds on it, will always have fun with this fascinating game and becoming more successful with time and routine.

It cannot be stressed enough that misjudgment is the most common mistake made by beginners. Incorrect ambition or impatience often creates avoidable situations, and there is also the fact that the opponents cannot always be fully assessed. So you should dare to embark on the great poker journey with brains and skill and take small steps to great success.

Author: Manager Amar
last update: February 6, 2020

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