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Many gambling enthusiasts have the great hope of making the big win. However, that doesn't always work. Often it fails to materialize or there are only small profits or even losses. A cashback bonus can help alleviate the pain of financial failure. It's a popular bonus that virtual arcades use to reward loyal players. Cashback is a casino bonus that gives you a percentage of your losses back.

Current Cashback Bonuses in 2021

Up to 12% Cashback
  • up to € 2000 per week
Last Boni Update on 23. Feb 2021

How does the Cashback Bonus work?

We want to be honest, there is probably no player who liked to lose. With cashback casino bonuses the damage is reduced. As a rule, such cashback in online India casinos is limited to a certain period of time. This can be daily, weekly or monthly. As far as the maximum amount and the percentage are concerned, these values vary depending on the Cashback Casino. In addition, the offer is limited to a game or a game variant in most cases.

For example, there may be a Cashback Casino bonus from 15% up to a maximum of 30 €. That means in this example: If you lose 100 €, you will receive 15 € as a cashback. However, if you lose more than € 200, only the maximum money back premium of 30 € will be paid as cashback.

India India Online casino cashback is granted in a number of different ways. It is not uncommon for special links to be found on partner sites for online gambling halls. If you follow them, you get directly to the corresponding offer. For most cashback offers, however, it is sufficient to create a player account, which does not require much more than a few personal details and an email address. From time to time, however, it can happen that a casino portal still requires bonus codes in order to issue a repayment bonus. Therefore, before creating an account, make sure that your casino uses such codes!

One more tip: Questions costs nothing. If your online India casino does not get cashback in his bonus program, ask for customer support! It is not unlikely that the operator grants this type of promotion only on request.

Return lost money

The is calculated Bonus casino as follows: commitment - profits = loss.

The repayment is then calculated from this. The following example: The casino cashback is 10%, while the maximum cashback amount is € 25.

commitment Profit loss Cashback
60€ 30€ 30€ 3€
160€ 110€ 50€ 5€
450€ 200€ 250€ 25€
650€ 250€ 400€ 25€

However, cashback bonuses are not always paid directly as real money, but are provided with bonus conditions. It is important that you have to repay the repayment multiple times, and usually in a certain period of time. For example, get a cashback of 25 € free And sales are 15 times fixed, you must play 25 € x 15 = 375 €.

Let's summarize

Cashback is a partial reimbursement of bets or missions that had to be accepted. Any shortfall resulting from the selected slot machines can be used for the Cashback bonus. At the end of a cashback period, about once a week or monthly, the repayment is carried out.

In many online India casinos, the credit is not subject to any wagering requirements. But because this is not the case everywhere, the conditions of participation should always be read.

The different variants of the cashback

Each casino platform has its own concept and the conditions are different. There are always new and exciting variants. They are as different as bonus offers that have it Free games without deposit gives. We introduce you to the most important.

Der Instant Cashback

There are online India casinos that develop unique bonus systems such as instant cashback repayment. In this case, players get one instead Welcome bonus For example, a 50% cashback on the first deposit. Particularly pleasant here is that this type of repayment bonus is evidenced by no turnover conditions. In addition, there are systems in which this bonus repeats itself in the second bank loading and automatically triggers instant cashback on each round that lose them.

Cashback as a welcome bonus

Some time ago, this form of welcome bonus was completely unknown. Although there was the possibility Play slot machines for free in the form of a no deposit bonus in order to minimize the financial risk, but since the existence of Pay and Play casinos, this type of new customer bonus is an advertising form for this new type of Internet gambling hall.

But other online India casinos also rely on a cashback for the welcome bonus. That certainly doesn't sound like much, but everyone should keep in mind that most new customer bonuses come with high rollover requirements. With a cashback casino bonus there is usually no such thing. In addition, the cashback amount can be used or paid out anywhere on the gambling portal.

The cashback for regular customers

Cashback actions are geared in the loyalty or VIP clubs. The players will be rewarded that they regularly To play real money. Mostly these loyalty systems are multi-level. This means the players get points for their real money inserts and thus achieve higher levels. The higher the player rises in the individual levels, the more cashback there is. It can act between 2% and 10% of net loss.

Live Casino Cashback

Players who like to play in the live dealer area often face a problem: The classic bonus offers do not include the live area. But what can now be seen more and more often is the Live Casino Cashback. With such a bonus offer, the players can relax a little, because once luck fails, you will get part of your losses back in live games and can start another attempt.

What do I have to consider with a cashback offer?

India India Online casino operators set all kinds of rules and regulations when it comes to cashback payouts. It is therefore advisable to research and compare the offers before accepting what appears to be a top offer. Below we list the most common things to consider when evaluating a cashback deal in order to find the best deals:

How often is such a bonus be paid?

There are some providers that pay out the bonus daily, based on the bets from the previous day. Other online India casinos pay a weekly or monthly. If you play regularly, a daily cashback is certainly more attractive. It is different if you only play on the weekend. Then a weekly or monthly deal is appropriate.

How is the sales conditions ordered?

Compared to the percentage deposit bonuses, cashback deals often have no or only low sales requirements. As a result, you have the opportunity to easily pay out the premium, and without having to play more than you want or to be limited to specific games. There is no danger of being blocked if you achieve a big profit.

Are there limits for the cashback bonus?

It is entirely possible to get very high cashbacks, some of which can even be up to 100%, but the maximum amount that you will then receive is much lower, for example € 20. However, it is also possible to find cashbacks with low percentages and high amounts. Depending on the style of play and the amount of losses, either one or the other variant is more suitable.

Other things that should be considered

There are some cashback deals where the bonus is paid only when the total deposit amount has been lost. If you have paid 50 €, for example, we were able to win 20 €, then you will not receive cashback for the lost 30 €. Therefore, they should ensure that they are in the picture about the conditions associated with the offer, so that there is no evil surprise in the end.

How to use a cashback bonus?

We have now defined exactly what a cashback bonus that explains different variants and point out what to pay attention. Now it's all about finding out how such a bonus can be claimed. One thing is certain: you have to fulfill as good as always conditions to get the bonus. These differ from platform to platform. Here are some things that are often demanded as a prerequisite:

  • Registration / registration
    Not every repayment bonus is automatically available to players. So there are quite online providers, where you have to register manually for the action. The smartest is to ensure that you have subscribed to the newsletter of the casino so you will be informed about new promotions - including cashbacks.
  • Customer status
    In a cashback casino, the offers differ for ordinary customers and for VIP members. It is best to inform yourself about the loyalty program of your portal to learn to what extent the actions differ. Every now and then you get a cashback as a player as soon as you become a VIP.
  • Bets
    There are portals where the cashback promotions are limited to certain games. Not only do you have to take into account what turnover you need to meet for the wagering requirements, every now and then it is necessary to wager a certain amount.

Conclusion: is a cashback bonus worth it?

Whether a repayment premium is worthwhile or not, anyone on the basis of his game behavior must find out and decide. But one thing is certain: from such bonuses can be beneficated very well, because once a loss series implements, does not mean the end of the world, but only the start of the cashback - if it is a cashback casino.

The bonus allows to continue playing even if you do not have enough money for credit payments. Although you only get bonus credit in most cases, but you can easily play. Anyone who uses a cashback offer well can quite reserve between 5% and 20% of its lost inserts.

Author: Manager Amar
last update: December 31, 2020

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