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What is play-online-casino.in?

The website play-online-casino.in sees itself as an online portal for everything to do with casino events with a focus on Indian-speaking readers. Our editorial team only works with authors who have a lot of experience with casinos and gambling in general in order to be able to provide their readership with the latest information.

The emergence of this portal

It all started as a small private project between two students and friends. With the intention of applying what they had learned in practice, the two later founders of this portal set to work and developed their own website, which was primarily intended to serve as a blog. The site was finished after a short time and went online immediately. There was only one problem: what do you write about on your blog? Which topics are the readers interested in?

Initially, many articles were written and published on technology, computers, programming and games. However, the two of them were particularly fond of gaming and since they not only played traditionally on the computer and console, but also discovered gambling in online India casinos for themselves, the idea quickly arose to learn more about the subtleties and stumbling blocks in the field of gambling to write. The response to these articles has been surprisingly positive. Motivated by the encouragement of the readers, the two decided to take the whole thing to the next level and develop a portal that deals exclusively with gambling and in which they can make their entire experience accessible to a wider readership.

And so the portal play-online-casino.in was created within a short time. In the meantime, another author and gambling fan has joined them, so that our editorial team now consists of three enthusiastic online India casino players and authors.

What you can expect from us

Our goal is to provide all interested gamblers a platform on which they receive first-hand information on the events in the field of gambling. We write current guide to a variety of online India casinos, machine games and game developers. But we also give tips on bonus actions and payment methods and advise you on what you can do if, for example, a gambling addiction threatens.

Our experts

Melanie Schnurr

Melanie Schnurr is quality management consultant and has an eye for detail. It is an expert in gambling range and knows best with casinos, especially specializing in bonus offers.

Especially your complex designed slot games have done to convince with good graphics and great sound. But the technology behind the slot machines and the different bonus features are among their special interests.

In addition to playing in the online India casino, horse racing on the racetrack is one of Melanie's passion.

Thorsten Fliers

Thorsten Fliers is economic information and one of the two founders of this portal. His fields are the machine games, the slots. The colorful and shrillers, the better. During his studies, he discovered the love of crazy slot games with their atmospheric sounds. But at the latest, when he had discovered the progressive jackpots for themselves, it was finished around him.
Even today, he likes to Daddle on one or the other slot machines, but really crazy he is after the live table games.

Steffen Baumann

When it comes to poker, Steffen Baumann is our specialist. As Thorsten's best friend and the second founder of play-online-casino.in, he prefers to write about all games that have to do with cards, with poker in all its variations being his absolute specialty. In the meantime he has taken part in several online and offline tournaments and can therefore fall back on a great deal of experience in poker. But he also has expertise in BlackJack, Baccarat and Roulette.

Saskia Althoff

Saskia Althoff has come to our team a little later, but is no less experienced in the world of online India casinos. She is a real all-rounder because she simply interests everything. She knows exactly what to pay attention to at Slots, which strategies work on the roulette table and how to optimally use bonus offers. Lately, she has dealt extensively with the topic of Virtual Reality and can hardly wait until this fantastic way of playing becomes standard.

Author: Manager Amar
last update: February 1, 2021